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22 Sep 2017

By Isabella Bradford

The gluten-free fishy hotlist

A steaming helping of freshly fried fish ’n’ chips has to be one of life’s guilty pleasures and there’s nothing…

12 Sep 2017
healthy eating Dale Pinnock

By Dale Pinnock

How to make healthy eating affordable

The campaign for healthy eating has come under fire for being elitist. But anyone can eat well for less, argues…

6 Sep 2017

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

How to deal with morning sickness

Hot on the heels of the news that the Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her third baby comes the inevitable…

5 Sep 2017
new products

By the Healthy Food Guide team

New products to try this month: easy weekday fixes

Healthy Food Guide’s discerning shopper Laura Day discovers easy weekday meal fixes and shares her favourite new foodie finds for…

4 Sep 2017
charcoal food trend

By The Angry Chef

Is the charcoal food trend healthy?

It may be the silly season, but do health ‘experts’ seriously believe that eating activated charcoal rids our bodies of…

29 Aug 2017

By Isabeau Brimeau

Take a look inside our NEW September issue – out now!

September brings the promise of positive new starts, and our new issue can help you kickstart healthy habits. It's packed…

18 Aug 2017

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Should we be counting calories in children’s food?

By Amanda Ursell Public Health England’s (PHE) decision to focus attention on calorie reduction can only be a good thing,…

16 Aug 2017
healthy products

By the Healthy Food Guide team

The new healthy products your weekend breakfast and brunch needs

Healthy Food Guide's discerning shopper Laura Day nails your bank holiday breakfast and shares her favourite new foodie finds for…

8 Aug 2017
your fridge

By the Healthy Food Guide team

What does your fridge say about you?

How would you feel if a stranger peeked inside your fridge today? Would they see a buffet of fresh fruit…

4 Aug 2017

By Georgia Kirby

10 cycle trails that will make you happy

Cycling bumps up fitness levels, is fun for family outings, gets you to work before the boss and takes you…

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