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13 Nov 2017

By Ellie Donnell

6 ways to take your training indoors

It doesn't have to be aerobics or legs, bums and tums... The ever-expanding options at gyms and leisure centres means…

10 Nov 2017

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

6 ways to turn off the snack switch

Craving a biscuit 30 minutes after a meal is just plain greedy… Or is it? Amanda Ursell explains the science…

7 Nov 2017

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Why some people never put on weight

How do some people stay slim without dieting or exercising? We all know one - that lucky individual who eats…

1 Nov 2017

By Isabeau Brimeau

Take a sneak peek inside the November issue of Healthy Food Guide

What's in store for you in the brand new November 2017 issue? Here's our 11 reasons why you need to…

24 Oct 2017
Victoria Pendleton winter proof cycle commute

By Laura Day

Victoria Pendleton: How to winter-proof your cycle commute

Victoria Pendleton, cycling Olympic gold medallist and world champion, shares her best advice on preparing for your winter cycling commute…

20 Oct 2017

By Melanie Leyshon, HFG editor

When tiredness becomes an illness

An award-winning documentary in cinemas shows the day-to-day reality of living with ME – and the shocking lack of research…

12 Oct 2017

By Melanie Leyshon, HFG editor

Healthy eating out for kids

A new league table of popular restaurant chains highlights those that are offering healthier choices for children... When Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall…

6 Oct 2017

By the Healthy Food Guide team

10 tips on how to cycle faster like a triathlete

At Healthy Food Guide we love to cycle, we found that whether you are a beginner or a complete expert,…

5 Oct 2017
healthy new products

By Isabella Bradford

New products to try this month: chocolate, beer and chilli

Healthy Food Guide’s discerning shopper Laura Day finds healthy flavour enhancers, sweet alternatives to pud and good sober October choices……

3 Oct 2017

By Laura Day

How to make three healthy soups for autumn

These three colourful, healthy soups feature on our October 2017 cover. Watch our video to find out how to make…

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