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21 Jul 2017

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Is your veggie diet unhealthy?

Moving to a plant-based diet is one of the healthiest eating choices you can make, but simply ditching meat, milk,…

20 Jul 2017

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Why pre-holiday crash diets don’t work

If you’ve left your honing your holiday shape to the last minute, you may be considering a crash diet. This…

12 Jul 2017
clean cakes

By Fight the Fads team

Are ‘clean’ cakes healthy?

The clean cakes movement comes under scrutiny from our team of trainee dietitians. They ask whether cake ever be healthy,…

11 Jul 2017
10 things not to say to a coeliac

By Laura Day

10 things you shouldn’t say to a coeliac

A recent poll has revealed the 10 most annoying things that coeliacs get asked about their disease   Avoiding gluten…

11 Jul 2017
is coffee healthy

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

This is how many cups of coffee you should drink for a longer life

New research that suggests a cup of coffee can extend our lives has had people rushing to their cafetieres and…

10 Jul 2017
fake nutritionist

By Fight the Fads team

How to spot a fake nutritionist

It’s never been easier to get nutrition advice, but how do you spot a fake nutritionist by deciphering the hard…

6 Jul 2017
avoid bloating

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Seven ways to avoid bloating before your holiday

Avoiding uncomfortable bloating before your long-awaited summer holiday is easier than you think. Check out our seven quick tips to…

5 Jul 2017
4-ingredient sticky roasted pineapple with coconut yogurt

By the Healthy Food Guide team

How to make 4-ingredient sticky roasted pineapple with coconut yogurt

For a sweet tropical snack or dessert, make a batch of this pineapple and coconut yogurt, which comes in at…

4 Jul 2017

By Fight the Fads team

Has the world gone bananas?

This go-to fruit was recently blasted for being an unhealthy breakfast choice and snack. Our Fight the Fads team of…

28 Jun 2017

By Isabeau Brimeau

Why you should buy the brilliant July issue of HFG this month

How to lower your cholesterol by up to 25%, diets that make you fat and our new favourite vegetarian recipes...…

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