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24 Mar 2017
added sugar
23 Mar 2017

By the Healthy Food Guide team

Could you live to be 100 years old?

While a checklist to guarantee a long, healthy life is still a far-off dream, studies have identified groups of people…

23 Mar 2017

By Isabella Bradford

The Essential Guide to Low Sugar, out now

Finally, a guide to cutting down sugar that will give you the truth behind the headlines and help your health. It’s been…

23 Mar 2017
dairy-free sticky citrus loaf

By the Healthy Food Guide team

10 healthier Mother’s Day cakes

Spoil mum on Sunday with these 10 healthier cakes   1. Peanut butter brownies 2. Gluten-free pear shortcake 3. Peach…

22 Mar 2017

By Kat Silverfield

Go barre for all-over body benefits

A workout that borrows from ballet, with a nod to pilates and yoga, is sweeping the nation, and for one…

22 Mar 2017
gut health

By the Healthy Food Guide team

How your gut health affects your mood

We all know the effect our emotions can have on our gut. The way an interview or stressful meeting, a…

21 Mar 2017

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Is it time to get tough on government salt targets?

New salt guidelines are a matter of life and death, says CASH. Today we are at the Houses of Parliament for…

17 Mar 2017

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Does cheese give you cancer?

If you woke up to headlines that cheddar and cream cheese could give you breast cancer, we’ve got some facts…

16 Mar 2017
is eating out making us fat

By Amanda Ursell, nutrition editor

Is dining out making us fat?

Eating out once in a while is a treat to be enjoyed, but do it most nights of the week…

14 Mar 2017
help your heart

By the Healthy Food Guide team

6 foods that help your heart

The food we eat, exercise we take and lifestyle decisions we make can predict our future heart health. If you’re…

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