10 ways with…

chickpea recipes
10 ways with a tin of chickpeas

The humble chickpea has been named as the hero legume for 2017 and it's easy to see why. Chickpeas are…

lunch ideas
10 healthy lunchbox ideas

One in eight of us eats the same thing for lunch every day – where’s the fun in that? Try…

10 ways with lettuce

Lettuce is often seen as a support act for the main dish – but it’s good for much more than…

health benefits of quark
10 ways with quark

This low-fat soft cheese has long been popular in parts of Europe. Made from soured milk, with a light, creamy…

10 ways with tofu

Often used as a protein-rich alternative to meat, tofu (or soya bean curd) absorbs whatever flavours you team it with…

health benefits of peaches
10 ways with peaches

They’re naturally sweet, yet surprisingly low in sugar, and they work a treat in both sweet and savoury dishes. Check…

health benefits of broad beans
10 ways with broad beans

A big bag of pods produces a small pile of beans – but boy, is it worth it when they’re…

health benefits of kidney beans
10 ways with a can of kidney beans

Keep some in the cupboard and you’ll be able to whip up any number of filling dishes and dips  …

10 ways with ginger
10 ways with ginger

This fiery root features as a natural sweetener in baking and gives a salt-free punch to savoury dishes around the…

10 ways with a tin of sardines

The nutrients packed into each tin would make a sardine proud – and at less than £1, you can’t afford…

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