Spanish omelette
Green Spanish omelette
Serves 1 Prep 10 min Cook 10 min
stuffed aubergine
Spicy stuffed aubergine
Serves 1 Prep 15 min Cook 25 min
mango yogurt
Mango yogurt dessert
Serves 4 Prep 10 min + chilling Cook n/a
rhubarb sponge
Rhubarb sponge puds
Serves 6 Prep 5 min Cook 25 min
nut cereal bars
Fruit and nut cereal bars
Serves 24 Prep 15 min Cook 35 min
cheese chutney scones
Cheese and chutney scones
Serves 12 Prep 10 min Cook 20 min
tomato poppers
Cheesy tomato poppers
Serves 24 Prep 10 min + proving Cook 35 min
vegetable burgers
Vegetable burgers with sweet potato wedges
Serves 4 Prep 15 min Cook 25 min
tomato quiche
Kale and tomato quiche slice
Serves 4 Prep 15 min Cook 35 min
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