How much fat in a cheese pizza?

Does eating healthily rule out a family classic? Well, it’s best saved for treat nights, but choose wisely and it…

How much saturated fat in that spread?

Watching your cholesterol? Check the amount of saturates (as well as total fat) in popular brands   Make a little…

How much fat in that milk drink?

The amount of fat (including saturates) in different cow’s milks and dairy-free alternatives varies widely. Use our guide to help…

Is there a link between chocolate and health?

We know it probably has some health benefits, but recent headlines have made extraordinary claims. Nutritionist Fiona Hunter has the…

sat fat truth
Saturated fat: the facts behind the headlines

The effect of saturated fat on our health has been questioned. But be careful, says our nutritionist. Official health policy…

cut sat fat
The truth about saturates

Is saturated fat really all that bad for us? We look at the evidence At a recent meeting in Europe,…

Should we cut out fat?

It’s a good idea to watch the fat in our diets, especially saturates – but that doesn’t mean all fat…

Facts about fats and Alzheimer’s

Ditch the junk – a diet high in trans fats and saturates may make you more susceptible to Alzheimer’s ‘THERE'S…

typesof fat
Different types of fat explained

Confused about all the various fats? Use our quick guide to get more of the healthy kind and find out…

Butter versus marg

Are spreads any healthier than butter – and what’s in them? BECAUSE BUTTER SEEMS a more natural product, with a…

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