The Healthy Food Guide team believe that making small diet and lifestyle changes brings the best long-term gains. We look at the science behind the headlines and promote a balanced way of eating.

What follows are 10 seemingly-indulgent dishes that you CAN eat, even if you’re on a weight-loss drive.

1. Cauliflower cheese (342 calories per serve)

Not only can you eat one of the best comfort food dishes known to man for less than 400 calories, we’ve even packed 3 of your 5-a-day into a serve.


2. Cheesecake (282 calories per slice)

Creamy, sweet and dreamy, there’s a reason a cheesecake tends to be off-menu because it’s full of the good stuff. We’ve slashed 300 calories per slice from the classic cheesecake recipe and kept it naturally sweet.


3. Southern fried chicken (233 calories per serve)

Sometimes all you want to do is eat a drumstick with your hands and not feel terrible for it. Enter our version, which we’ve crumbed in cornflakes and baked, so you get all of the satisfying crunch without the deep-fat fryer.


4. Dauphinoise potatoes (216 calories per serve)

Our Sunday-lunch world was turned upside down when this recipe was created. Layers of potato in a creamy sauce was something we could once only dream of. Now it’s back on the table with the fat reduced 10-fold.


5. Sticky gingerbread (124 calories per square)

Anything described as sticky is usually a winner. You’ll still find all the classic gingerbread flavours in there (dark muscovado, black treacle…) but we’ve kept it to a minimum and upped the spice to give the squares real punch.


6. Welsh rarebit (256 calories per serve)

Cheese on toast is the ultimate thing for a night in on your own. We’ve kept all the savoury satisfaction but reduced the calories so you can carry on smacking your lips and watching your waistline.


7. Cassoulet (493 calories per serve)

Hearty and packed with meat, cassoulet doesn’t exactly scream ‘healthy’. But ours does! We’ve halved the calories and piled in 3 of your 5-a-day so you can hunker down with a bowl of this on cold nights.


8. Chocolate brownies (123 calories per brownie)low_brownie_recipe_1_04-768x704
These are so good – fudgy, chocolatey and hugely satisfying. We did a bit of wizardry with these ones to make them a treat to feel good about.


9. Crème caramels (145 calories per caramel)creme-caramel-ii_charlie-richards-1
Time to wheel out this dinner party fave once more, because we’ve slashed the fat and the sugar but kept all that creamy, wibbly-wobbly taste.


10. Flapjacks (202 calories per slice)

We spend a lot of time warning against flapjacks as a grab-and go brekkie because of all the butter, sugar and syrup. Well, now you can have them (as long as it’s these ones) – definitely more waistline-friendly.