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We’ve got all the recipes you need for a healthier Pancake Day. From savoury ideas with cheese and ham to sweet fixes with banana or berries – take a look at our recipes.

1. The classic pancake recipe but healthier. Need ideas for toppings? Here are six healthy pancake toppings.


2. Start the day with smoked salmon drop pancakes, they are low in sugar and high in protein.


3. These easy-to-make spinach and ricotta ‘pancakes‘ are naturally gluten free (without the bread).


4. Savoury cheese and ham pancakes, made with leeks and spinach, are low in calories and make a perfect Pancake Day dinner.


5.  Onto the sweet stuff. These lemon pancakes are made with buckwheat flour making them gluten-free. Add lots of fresh blueberries to make them count as one of your five-a-day too.


6. Add a summery twist to Pancake Day with these berry cheesecake crêpes made with strawberries and cream cheese filling.


7. These low-in-saturated-fat fluffy buttermilk pancakes are made with wholegrain flour.


8. Madeleine Shaw’s blueberry and oat pancakes are made with almond milk, making them dairy free.


9. Serve these low-fat banana pancakes with ice cream for a proper Pancake Day dessert.


10. There are two of your five-a-day in these apple and blackberry pancakes, not that you needed an excuse to eat them.