We spare a moment to consider the top 10 myths vegans do battle with. Thanks to myprotein.com

1. Vegans don’t eat enough calcium
Milk, cheese and yogurts aren’t the only source of calcium. Leafy green veg like kale and spinach contain high amounts of calcium, as well as nuts, seeds, bread and dried fruit. Read: How to add more calcium to your diet

2. Vegans aren’t healthy
As long as the diet you’re eating is plant-based and varied, you should be getting all the essential nutrients your body needs. In fact, some studies have found eating a plant-based diet reduces your risk of hearts disease, diabetes and cancer.

3. Going vegan means you’ll lose weight
Not necessarily. If you eat vegan-friendly junk foods high in calories, fat and saturates, the weight will go nowhere but up.

4. Following a vegan diet means feeling hungry all the time
Drinking water and eating filling meals composed of wholegrains, high fibre and protein at regular intervals will stop you feeling hungry, not the fact there’s no milk, eggs or meat.

5. Veganism is hard
Of course going from a steadfast carnivore to a full-time vegan would be difficult – any drastic dietary changes are. But there are plenty of options in supermarkets and restaurants to make cooking at home or eating out as a vegan easier.

6. Vegans aren’t strong
Try telling that to these 10 plant-powered athletes. Tofu is a great protein-booster, and snacking on a handful of nuts will keep your energy levels high for training.

7. Vegans don’t get enough protein
There are plenty of vegan-friendly protein sources to keep us eating the adult requirement of 0.75g protein per kg bodyweight daily (eg if you weigh 60kg, that’s around 45g protein a day). As a guideline, the daily value you’ll see on nutrition labels is set at 50g. Read: Top 10 sources of meat-free protein

8. Being a vegan is expensive
A lot of vegan staples are actually inexpensive storecupboard favourites like canned beans and lentils, and pasta.

9. Vegans = hippies
It’s the stereotype that refuses to die, but many vegan festivals these days prove vegans come from all walks of life and backgrounds.

10. Plants feel pain
Plants don’t have nerve endings or a brain, which means they can’t feel pain.

Now try these vegan-friendly recipes…


Cashew & coconut energy balls

Tofu, potato & roasted vegetable salad

Spicy cauliflower & chickpea tortillas

Chickpea, nut & cranberry salad