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If, like us, you need help with staying warm this month, fret not, the November issue of Healthy Food Guide is full of warmth.

From 21 comfort recipes that are perfect for cosy nights in to a warm chocolate pudding that’s full of goodness. Plus,  we’ve got  great advice for curbing that wine o’clock sofa-sipping habit.

If that doesn’t make you want to go out and buy a copy, here are a few more reasons as to why you should pick up the issue.

1. Why one size doesn’t fit all
Want to lose weight before the season of indulgence? It’s all about portions – but one size doesn’t fit all, so check out guide to see what you should be eating to lose it faster.

2.  Sweeteners – a safe or unhealthy option?
The artificial sweetener debate: Are they really bad for you? We asked HFG nutrition editor Amanda Ursell for the facts… 

3. A sober look at home drinking
Jo Water reveals some home truths about our drinking habits at home and provides some useful  tips for curbing that wine o’clock habit

4. Healthy tonight
The dark nights have arrived and what better way to enjoy them than with some good old fashioned comfort food? From a hearty lamb cacciatore  to this creamy chicken pasta, there are ample recipes to choose from.

5. Dinner for one
This kimchi fried rice is the ultimate no-fuss weeknight meal. Full of flavour, ready in 20 minutes and perfect for when you’re dining solo.

6. Best-ever healthy chilli
A bowl of chilli is a must-eat when the temperature drops. We’ve given this family favourite a healthier makeover, without skimping on flavour or comfort.

7. Chocolate pudding
Need a pud that’s easy to make, packed with gooey goodness and can be made before your guests arrive? Well you’re in luck, as we have the chocolate pudding for you…

8. Tofu or Quorn?
Tofu is an excellence source of protein whether you’re a meat-eater or not but how does it compare nutritionally with Quorn? Dietitian Jennifer Low investigates…

9. The natural way to switch off hunger
From eating scrambled eggs for breakfast to tandoori fish for dinner, Nutrition edition Amanda Ursell highlights the foods that naturally curb your appetite.

10. Cut down on plastic and improve your diet
From growing your own herbs to buying in bulk, the latest tips in reducing your plastic consumption is a lot simpler than you think.  Plus, dietician Juliette Kellow investigates  the relationship between plastic packaging and poor eating habits…