If we gave you a list of all the reasons to buy the issue we’d be here for days, so here are 10 of the best…

Around the world on a bean
You’re probably thinking ‘bean there, done that’ (pun intended) but we’ve got more than just beans on toast. Our newest issue contains several jazzed-up bean dishes with flavour inspiration from around the world, including this Moroccan inspired recipe.


Is your marriage making you fat?
It’s generally considered good for your health, so we didn’t expect to find a body of research to show marriage is bad news for our waistlines. Read our dietitian’s tips for dodging the fat traps.


Healthy dairy-free cooking
If you need to cut it out for any reason, our simple, healthy guide makes it easy. Discover handy ingredients, tasty alternatives and enjoy five recipes, such as this vegan pesto pasta.


Eat well to avoid inflammation
It’s our body’s natural reaction to defend against burns, infections and injuries. Unfortunately, for some people it doesn’t stop there as the body begins to attack their good health as well. Helping fight inflammation can be as easy as changing your diet. Buy the November issue to access your anti-inflammatory meal plan.


Family meals sorted
Forget that end of day panic shopping and plan ahead with our midweek recipes. Designed to feed four, and covering essential dietary requirements, there’s something for everyone, including this shakshuka recipe.


Extreme makeover – Chicken tikka masala
Spice up your life, ditch the takeaway menu and enjoy curry night the home-made way. It’s one of the nation’s favourite dishes so we decided to create a healthier version for your guilt-free indulgence.


Take lunch up a level
Duck and Waffle’s executive chef, Dan Doherty, reveals what lunchtime looks like when he’s not sky high on the 40th floor of the famous all-day eatery.


Seven foods to fuel your workout
Has the looming party season inspired you to up your fitness game? Dietitian Jennifer Low provides the low-down (pun not intended) on which staples to stock up on for pre and post workout energy.


Blender muffins
They’re gluten-free, easy to make and incredibly tasty – that has to tick just about every box when it comes to healthy tea-time treats.


Healthy soups
The darker evenings are best combated by curling up with a warming bowl of soup. Light on the calories but heavy on flavour – these soups are great to make for dinner with leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch.