Ruby is the marketing and digital assistant at Healthy Food Guide. She loves reformer pilates and is always obsessing over superfoods.

As summer turns to autumn, the September 2018 issue of Healthy Food Guide provides nutritious and summery recipes to keep those summer days going. You’ll find out how to best deal with your moody teenager, plus discover ten fabulous snack recipes to get you through your 3pm slump.

If that doesn’t make you want to go out and buy the latest issue, here are a few more reasons to why you should pick up our September issue!

1.What’s your body trying to tell you?

Insomnia, headaches, dry skin… Are these everyday health niggles your body’s way of trying to tell you something?

2. Save our sight

As we age we often have to rely on glasses to help us see, but new research has found that diet and nutrition can play an important role in reducing your risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

3. There’s an app for that…

Do you have teenagers or are your tweens about to reach their teens? We’ve got the ultimate survival guide to help get you through the ups and downs of dealing with a moody teenager, including an easy to follow nutrition plan.

4. Weight loss secrets from the healthcare pros

This month’s weight loss special is all about the healthcare professionals who are shedding their unhealthy weight and having great success at doing so…

5. Healthy tonight

Summer might be (nearly) over but there’s no need to lose that holiday feeling… Our Healthy Tonight recipes are packed with flavours to transport you right back to your favourite summery spot.

6. Great all-rounders

Need a dish that’s easy to make, packed with flavours and can be enjoyed hot or cold? Then we have the frittata for you…

7. Dinner for one

Embrace dining solo with our indulgent-yet-super-easy chicken burger. It’s made even better when topped with our home-made slaw, plus a spoonful of kimchi for a fiery twist.

8. Pizza made to order

This is the month to embrace your pizza-loving side. We’ve got three fabulous pizza recipes that will cater to all dietary needs, and are sure to impress you and your family at your next Friday pizza night.


9. Sound bites

Take charge of your snack habits with our simple and satisfying snacks.  We’ve got a range of sweet and savory snacks that will get you through your 3 pm slump.

10. Best of Health Award winners 2018

Want to know the latest and greatest health products on the market? Of course you do! Check out our 2018 Best of Health Award winners.