We could think of hundreds of reasons why you should BUY our amazing April 2018 issue. But, here are just 10 of our favourite reasons why you should pick up a copy today.

1. Our Health Bulletin

The latest need-to-know information about managing type 2 diabetes.

2. Have you got the winning numbers?

Knowing whether our diet contains the right amount of nutrients can be tricky. Our expert nutritionist Amanda Ursell has the figures you need to know, plus the tips to help you to get there!

3. The big sneeze

Want to know what’s triggering your hayfever? Some scientists believe it’s the junk food you’ve been eating…

4. Dealing with your diet saboteurs

To help you stay strong in the face of temptation, you need to identify the person in you who keeps telling you “just one won’t hurt”.

5. Be a diet detective

Read how keeping a  food diary could help you uncover the truth about your weight loss progress, or IBS triggers.

6. Healthy tonight

Who doesn’t love spaghetti and meatballs? Or bangers and mash? And even better, a few of our faves have been given a ‘lean’ makeover this month.

7. Dinner for one

Treat yourself well all the time. Our dinner for one recipe is low-fat, quick to make and will leave you with little to no waste.

8. Ready in 15 minutes…

Think you’ve only got time to heat up some ready meals? Think again. In just 15 minutes you could be enjoying a spicy chicken wrap, or perhaps you prefer a turkey pizza melt?

9. Make it restaurant night with Gordon

Eliminate your kitchen nightmares by trying one of Gordon Ramsay’s new healthy mains for a stress- free supper – we’ve four of his recipes for you to choose from.

10. The new natural – 5 trends to try

Sick of using products that are filled with chemicals and  that might harm the environment?  We’ve got five eco beauty trends you must try…