We can now (safely…?) say summer is on its way.  A couple of hot spells, the forecast for June is looking hopeful and our June 2018 issue is filled with flavoursome recipes and interesting reads.

So, what better way to enjoy the sunshine than buying a copy of the latest Healthy Food Guide and reading it in your fave sunny spot?

Need encouragement? Here are 10 more reasons…

1.Calorie countdown
Want to lose a few pounds before you go away? Healthy Food Guide nutritionist  Amanda Ursell provides us with easy swaps to help cut out 500 calories a day from our usual diets.

2. Migraine: new ways to beat the pain
Spot the more unusual signs of a migraine attack with our expert guide, and learn about the very latest treatments to help relieve your symptoms.

3. Your breast health and you
Checking for lumps is an important part of breast health. But did you know there are few other things you should look out for? Dr Dawn explains…

4. Healthy tonight!
This month’s Healthy Tonight is all about simple dishes with maximum flavour. From a flavour-packed Moroccan beef pilaf to a three-step tuna frittata – you’re sure to find a recipe that excites your tastebuds.

5. High-fibre your breakfast
Avoid the morning sugar rush with our healthy granola recipe… Even better, it has three flavour variations to ensure that your mornings are never dull.

6. The new veggie squad
You can’t go wrong with a good veggie burger and we’ve got three  meat-free burgers that are not only healthier, but so delicious that even meat lovers will crave them.

7. Free-from choccy delights
Not only are these chocolate mousses lighter on fat and sugar, they’re also dairy and gluten-free, and downright scrumptious.

8. Win a 12-session transformation package with isoshealth
Enter our competition and you could win a fab health package! The package will connect you to your own group of health experts, for one-on-one video consultations concentrating on your areas of concern. Find out more about isoshealth, too.

9. Let’s milk it
Whether you’re trying the vegan diet, lactose intolerant or want to try something different, there’s a nutritious milk out there for you.

10.Sun, Sea and protection
There may be no better feeling than the warm sun on your skin, but there’s a fine line between a safe amount of sun and an amount that could have long-lasting effects…