Ruby is the marketing and digital assistant at Healthy Food Guide. She loves reformer pilates and is always obsessing over superfoods.

As we start to turn on the central heating, the October 2018 issue of Healthy Food Guide provides comforting recipes to keep you warm at night. Within the pages you’ll find out how you can get the best night’s sleep, the stress-busting effects of Kundalini yoga and many fabulous autumnal recipes.

If that doesn’t make you want to go out and buy a copy, here are a few more reasons as to why you should pick up our October magazine.

1. Put those sleep thieves to bed
No more counting sheep… Get our tips for a better night’s sleep with our nine pages dedicated to all things SLEEP.

2. Win…
Feeling lucky? Then enter this month’s competition for your chance to win an award-winning OTTY bed set. What was that we were saying about better sleep…

3. Could a banana a day protect your heart?
Do you love eating bananas? If so, you’re in luck. Recent studies have shown that eating a banana a day could help to lower your blood pressure. Jo Walters investigates… Pick up your copy to find out more.

4. Healthy tonight
The colder weather has definitely arrived and what better way to get warm than with some good old fashioned comfort food? From a hearty sausage tray bake to this cheesy broccoli risotto, you’ll have ample recipes to choose from.

5. Jamie Oliver’s army is on its way
From tackling youth employment to changing the ways our kids eat, Jamie Oliver is a leader in the health industry. This month he shares tips for staying healthy and eating well on a budget.

6. Cottage pie
The humble cottage pie is a must-eat when the temperature drops. We’ve given this family favourite a healthier makeover, without skimping on flavour or comfort.

7. Ready to roll
Need a snack that’s easy to make, packed with “good stuff” and can be enjoyed on-the-go? Well you’re in luck, as we have the energy balls for you…

8. What’s the deal with Vitamin K
There’s a buzz around Vitamin K lately, but are you unclear about its role in your body?  Nutrition editor Amanda Ursell has the facts…

9. Superfood skincare
From kale cream to probiotic serums, the latest trends in skincare sound good enough to eat. Leah Hardy talks to the experts to find out why edible ingredients are on everyone’s beauty menu.

10.Strike a calming pose
Do you lead a stressful and busy life? Then it’s time to take a break and get bendy with Kundalini yoga.