The Healthy Food Guide team believe that making small diet and lifestyle changes brings the best long-term gains. We look at the science behind the headlines and promote a balanced way of eating.

We’ve scoured the shelves for great-tasting, nutritious products and selected our favourites to make your weekly shop easier…


1. Gregg’s Teriyaki chicken noodle salad, £3/275g

Step away from the sausage rolls and grab this generous salad from the new Balanced Choice range at Gregg’s.

Per serving l 256kcal l 3.7g fat l 0.6g saturates l 20g protein l 1.2g saltpopcorn-tmwl

2. Propercorn Crunch Corn, 89p/30g, Tesco

Studies show crunchy food is more satisfying, and Propercorn is on to it. This half-popped corn is light with bite.

Per 30g (Salt & Pepper) l 146kcal l 8g fat l 1.2g saturates l 1g sugars l 0.2g salt


3. Delamere Dairy Mild Goats Cheese, £2.69/150g, Tesco, Ocado

Try grating this firm goat’s cheese on to your winter soup – its clean, subtle flavour is lovely with crackers, too.

Per 30g l 98kcal l 9g fat l 6g saturates l 6.4g protein l 0.4g salt


4. MOMA Bircher Muesli Raspberry & Coconut, £3.49/400g

Forgot to soak your oats overnight? This quick-soak gluten-free fruity bircher will sort you out in 5 min.

Per 50g (unsoaked) l 191kcal l 5.6g fat l 2g saturates l 5.9g sugars l 0.1g salt


5. Classic Box, £39/3 meals for 2 people,

We love the simplicity of these recipes, with fresh ingredients neatly weighed out and delivered to your door. Fab for kitchen novices.

Nutrition values vary


6. Glorious Super Soup, £1.89/ 600g, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Ocado

Vegan goes mainstream with a new range of four low-fat, flavoursome soups. Vietnamese Super Green gets our vote.

Per ½ pot (Vietnamese Super Green) l 117kcal l 1.3g fat l 0.5g saturates l 3.1g sugars l 1g salt


7. The Groovy Food Company Organic Coconut Sugar, £3.99/500g, Tesco

Add a gorgeous caramelised note to home bakes with this unrefined coconut sugar (just remember it’s still sugar…)

Per 100g l 390kcal l 1g fat l 0g saturates l 95.8g sugars l 0.1g salt


8. Warburtons Wholemeal Protein Wraps, £1/4 wraps, Asda, Morrisons, Co-Op

Pump up lunch with this new range of breads, wraps and rolls, baked with pulses and grains to pack in at least 7g protein per serve.

Per wrap l 184kcal l 3.3g fat l 0.8g saturates l 2.4g sugars l 0.7g salt


9. Rude Health Cacao & Vanilla Granola, £4.99/450g, Waitrose, Ocado,

We think we have an addiction. This might just be the best granola we’ve ever tasted – and with no refined sugars.

Per 40g l 185kcal l 7.6g fat l 2g saturates l 4.4g sugars l 0g salt


10. Arla Lactofree Natural Yogurt, £1.35/400g, Asda, Co-Op

This lactose-free yogurt has just the right amount of sharp to be refreshing – we’ve been stirring it into our curries and tagines.

Per 100g l 59kcal l 2.2g fat l 1.4g saturates l 5.5g sugars l 0.1g salt


11. By Sainsbury’s Buckwheat Penne, £2.15/500g

The nutty flavour of this gluten-free buckwheat pasta is a natural partner for homemade rich tomato sauces.

Per 200g (cooked) l 368kcal l 3.2g fat l 0.7g saturates l 1g sugars l 0g salt