July has arrived with the promise of warmer weather, colourful produce and most importantly, a brand spanking new issue of Healthy Food Guide.

Pick up your copy today and enjoy the height of summer with a healthy barbecue guide, meals from the Mediterranean, fruity and frozen ice lollies and many feel-good recipes bursting with seasonal fruit and veg.

Need more temptation? Read our 11 reasons to buy…

1. Why you should create a home for friendly bacteria (and how to do it)
According to research scientists, the secret to good health may live in your gut. We look into resetting your gut, how your gut can affect your mind, and 20 foods to boost your gut health.

picture of women in underwear holding lettuce over stomach

2. The no-hangover guide to summer drinking
The warm weather can encourage us to head outside and, more often than not, grab an ice-cold alcoholic drink. We’ve complied an expert guide to enjoying that glass of wine, beer or cocktail, including safer drinking tips, debunking myths and even a cooling non-alcoholic virgin mojito recipe.

women on beach holding cocktail

3. Summer smoothie bowl
We mentioned the importance of gut health earlier, so it’d only be fitting that we provide a good-for-your-gut recipe. Our favourite summer recipe is a fruity smoothie bowl, also known as this month’s cover recipe.

summer berry smoothie bowl

4. Demand a lunchtime rise
Move over sarnies, there are new lunch recipes in town. This month we’re taking lunchtime up a notch with six healthy, vibrant and easy-to-make options. From sashimi don (pictured below) to chilli avo toast, you’ll never want to buy your lunch again.

sashimi don image

5. Healthy makeover: chicken enchiladas
Who doesn’t love a plate of spicy, cheesy, soured cream-smothered enchiladas. Well, you know what you’ll love more? All the flavours for less calories. We’ve made this Mexican dish healthier by switching to lower-fat cheese and soured cream and making some subtle changes. This has resulted in reduced fat, almost half the salt and adding more veg so the meal includes four of your five-a-day.

chicken enchiladas image

6. Pops of colour
When the sun is out there’s only one dessert desired by adults and children alike – ice lollies. Our July issue has three very fruity, easy-to-make pops to ensure you keep cool this summer. These mango and vanilla macadamia pops are at the top of our list.

mango and macadamia ice pops

7. How to make the Med diet work
Contrary to popular belief, one doesn’t need to be in Greece, France or Italy to enjoy the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. When followed correctly the diet may lower obesity risk and associated health conditions. Our pull-out-and-keep guide provides you with everything you need to eat this way at home – recipes, portion sizes and smart swaps from chefs. Want more? Find five more Med recipes on pages 46-51.

lamb souvlaki image

8. The meat-lover’s healthy barbecue guide
According to National Barbecue Week, the average Brit attends nine barbecues a year. As grills are fired up nation-wide, Juliette Kellow provides the lowdown on which meat is the healthiest, the pros and cons of eating meat, and the ultimate cooked meat portion guide.

sausages frying on the bbq

9. Identify your eating style and lose weight for good
Personality types aren’t just for understanding how your brain works, they also apply to the way you eat. Dr Meg Aroll and Louise Atkinson, authors of The Shrinkology Solutionhave devised six eating personality types – and you’re sure to relate to one. They provide us with six ways to work with that type, to ensure weight loss.

cartoon of man eating burger

10. Fighting the 21st century slump
Slumping in front of a computer or checking your phone as you walk could be harming your health. Pick up your July copy of Healthy Food Guide for your guide to better posture – after all good posture is free!

woman with sore back slouching over laptop

11. Take the plunge
Dive into fitness with Hannah Ebelthite’s top 10 ways to get fit in the water this summer. Find five pages with water activities, workouts and a wonderful in-the-water kit.

man swimming in lido