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Getting a home-cooked dinner on the table on the weeknights can be a big challenge between school, work, extracurriculars and chauffeuring. That’s why we put together 15 brilliant recipes that are ready in 15 minutes or less. So skip the takeaway and whip up these quick and easy midweek dinners.


Grilled prawn and chickpea salad
This flavourful prawn dish is high in protein, gluten-free and dairy-free.


Bean and avocado quesadillas
This Mexican-inspired dish is kid-friendly and perfect for meat-free Mondays.


Seared steaks with sun-dried tomatoes and lentils
This hearty seared steak recipe is high in iron and gluten-free.

Steak with lentils

Tomato and mozzarella penne
This simple vegetarian pasta dish is an absolute crowd-pleaser.


Egg, mushroom and kale on toast
Breakfast for dinner is always a popular option and this one is packed with protein.

egg toast

Teriyaki chicken with vegetables
This teriyaki chicken recipe is grilled for that lovely charred taste.

terriyaki chicken

Speedy veggie sausage stir-fry
This vegetarian sausage recipe is dairy-free and packed with citrusy orange flavour.


Tasty taco salad
This tasty taco salad is high in fibre and has four of your five-a-day.


Spaghetti with minty pesto
A simple vegetarian dish with refreshing flavour of mint and lemon.


Sesame beef skewers
This Thai-inspired beef recipe is high in iron and packed with zingy lime.


Pork and almond pilaf
This low-salt pork recipe is packed with the flavours of harissa and coriander.


Creamy bacon pasta
Light cream cheese makes this pasta extra creamy.


Mustard chicken and walnut salad
This chicken salad recipe is packed with punchy mustard and succulent beetroot.


Chilli crab pasta
This simple seafood pasta dish is low in salt and high in protein.


Chocolate pudding mugs
For a special treat, indulge in this microwavable chocolate dessert.