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It might seem like an arbitrary change but swapping a plate for a bowl could do wonders for your diet. These brilliant bowl food recipes encourage you to load up on lots of veggies – the more the better – to create seriously colourful insta-worthy bowls!

Quinoa bowl with grilled chicken, black beans and avocado

Why not try this hearty quinoa bowl, packed with lean protein-providing chicken and beans, vibrant vegetables and wholesome quinoa?

bowl food recipes: quinoa bowl

Roasted miso aubergine, chickpea and spinach nourish bowl

This vibrant combination of five vegetables, including aubergine, broccoli, green beans and spinach, plus brown rice will nurture your gut microflora.

Deconstructed rice paper roll bowl

Bowl food is better, right? This colourful dish is brimming with veg, high in protein and full of volume yet low in calories.

Tuna, green bean and lentil bowl with yogurt dressing

Crunchy vegetables, tinned tuna and lentils are topped with a creamy yogurt dressing in this high protein recipe.

Salmon sushi bowl

This salmon super bowl combines crunchy green veg, fish and high fibre brown rice with Japanese flavours.

Brown rice and quinoa bowl

A healthy dinner ready in just 20 minutes?  Our tasty quinoa and brown rice bowl comes packed with added veggies and a drizzle of zesty lemon dressing.

Egg crunch bowl

From kimchi and avocado to red cabbage and kale, this egg crunch bowl is packed with ‘superfoods’ to make you feel GOOD.

Sweet potato chickpea and egg bowl

Make this sweet potato nourish bowl with egg, broccoli and chickpeas for a satisfying vegetarian lunch or dinner that’s free from gluten and dairy.

Veggie bowl with spicy beans

PAcked with veg and topped with avocado and feta, this vibrant, nourishing veggie bowl is food for the soul (and is incredibly simple to make, too).

Chipotle chicken and quinoa bowl

This recipe for chipotle chicken with garlicky courgette quinoa, griddled corn on the cob and coriander-topped yoghurt is a sure-fire Mexican winner.

Teriyaki tofu bowl with sweet potato noodles

Large cubes of tofu have been tossed in tangy teriyaki sauce to create a yummy vegan dinner.

Lazy salmon sushi bowl

If you’re looking for a healthy, flavoursome way to use salmon fillets, then this easy salmon sushi bowl is the answer. It’s ideal for taking to work, too!

20-minute salmon and brown rice bowl

This stunning brown rice bowl, that’s bursting with colourful veggies and omega-3 rich salmon, is dairy-free and only takes 20 minutes to make.

Breakfast bowl

Dr Rupy Aujla‘s breakfast bowl is packed with mushrooms, pesto butterbeans and scrambled eggs. He says: ‘This recipe combines two of my favourite things: bowl food and breakfast. I love the feeling of having hearty, nutrient-dense food in the morning.’

Green goddess buddha bowl

Eat yourself gorgeous with this green goddess buddha bowl full of energy-boosting iron, healthy fats and plenty of protein.

bowl food recipes: buddha bowl

Roast vegetable and chicken bowl

Big, bold and beautiful – this chicken bowl is full oomph and includes four of your five-a-day. The ease of the recipe and the contrast of flavours makes for a wonderful dinner for two.

bowl food recipes: roasted veg and chicken

Kale and mushroom rice bowl

Take bowl food to the next level with our vegetarian rice bowl. Showcasing kale and mushrooms, it’s full of flavour and nutrients – midweek meal perfection.

bowl food recipes: chickpea

Smoky beef and slaw nacho bowl

Vibrant, packed with flavour and on the table in less than half an hour, this bowl of smoky beef and nacho goodness is food for the soul.

Turmeric chicken bowl

Low in calories and providing 2 of your 5-a-day, this turmeric-spiced chicken noodle bowl is dressed with soy, sweet chilli and lemon for ultimate taste.

Baked falafel, roasted carrot and broccoli bowl

Falafel is a classic vegan staple that never fails to please. We’ve created these epic salad bowls, drizzled in an easy houmous dressing, for a quick, nutritious and easy lunch or dinner.

bowl food recipes: falafel

Chicken, quinoa, fig and walnut bowl

This chicken, quinoa, fig and walnut recipe is packed full of healthy veg, making this super bowl high in protein.

bowl food recipes: fig bowl