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Just four simple bodyweight exercises (burpees, pull-ups, press-ups and squats) combine in this seriously challenging workout by Freeletics. Think you have what it takes?

This workout is all about the pacing. It might look easy, but the high rep range for each exercise means you’ll need to be smart about how you break it up. Let’s face it, completing 100 press-ups in a row is a bit of a stretch! The key is to take lots of short rests while chipping away at every rep – think about the pace, rather than the timing, of this one. We’ve also provided progressions for some of the more challenging exercises, so that anyone can do it.

Note: you will need a pull-up bar to complete this workout.

Set a timer…GO!

50 x Burpees

Progression: if chest-to-floor burpees are too difficult, simply jump down into a plank position with arms full extended and jump back up.


50 x Pull-ups

Progression: If you can’t do proper pull-ups, use a TRX or rings and perform inverted rows instead. Or, grab yourself an appropriate resistance band to make it easier.


100 x Pushups

Progression: perform as many press-ups as you can before getting down on your knees to reduce the resistance. Remember to retain strict form though!

150 x Squats

Tip: try to squat below parallel but, if you can’t, just go as low as your mobility will allow.


50 x Burpees


Phew, you’re done! What was your time?  Try this workout again in a week’s time and see if you can beat it.

This is the Artemis workout by Freeletics, the fitness app that offers hyper-personalised, AI-powered fitness and mindset coaching to build lasting habits and reach long-term health and fitness goals.