Avoid that slumped-on-the-sofa-in-a-chocolate-coma feeling with our top pick of Easter treats to savour or share


Dairy free

A beautiful egg, hand-painted by artists in Kashmir and filled with three delicious, dairy-free and organic fine de champagne truffles, this exquisite Easter treat gives you something you can eat as well as something you can keep.

We love: Booja Booja Dairy Free Fine de Champagne Small Easter Egg, £9.99/34g
For 3 truffles: 190kcal, 15g fat, 10.5g sugars

healthy easter treats

Dark chocolate

Just a little of this rich Easter egg will hit the mark for dark chocolate lovers (and if you usually go for milk choc, it’s worth going over to the dark side, with mounting evidence of its health benefits). The egg is hollow, but the thick shell makes you feel you’ve really indulged.

We love: Green & Black’s Organic Dark Chocolate Egg, £6.59/165g
Per ¼ egg (40g): 240kcal, 17.5g fat, 12g sugars

healthy easter treats

One for sharing

Snap off a quarter of this dark chocolate egg shell and enjoy the lovely flavours. Inside the main egg is a clutch of six blue speckled eggs filled with fleur de sel caramel, plus passionfruit and chocolate ‘soil’ designed for dipping. Great for an after-dinner treat to share with friends.

We love: Heston From Waitrose Large Dark Chocolate Easter Egg, £20/270g
Per ¼ shell plus one speckled egg: 250kcal, 17.5g fat, 11g sugars

healthy easter treats

Portion control

One for milk chocolate lovers… It’s a joy to unwrap this foil-enrobed bunny with its familiar Lindt red ribbon and bell. The dainty size makes it easy to control your intake, and the trademark creamy Lindt mouthfeel won’t leave you feeling shortchanged.

We love: Lindt Gold Milk Chocolate Bunny, £1.50/50g
Per bunny: 280kcal, 22.5g fat, 15.5g sugars

healthy easter treats

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