Kat was previously the digital assistant on Healthy Food Guide. Since leaving, she has completed a Le Cordon Bleu course and now runs a wedding cake company in Boston, Massachusetts

Looking for a (tastier) way to get over that 3pm slump? Pack our no-bake energy balls in your lunchbox every day and keep hunger pangs at bay…


1 Cocoa and cranberry balls

For the person whose afternoon slump is only cured by chocolate.


2 Almond and seed balls

Pumpkin and sunflower seeds add a lovely crunchy texture to these almond energy balls.


3 Cashew and coconut balls

There are only five ingredients in these orangey coconut balls.


4 Apricot and sesame balls

A hint of cinnamon and cocoa give extra indulgence to these fruity bites.


5 Chocolate and coconut date balls

This is the one that started it all…