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Get organised, cater to special diets and plan healthy meals with our brand new Healthy Food Meal Planner. Discover what makes it so great…

Do you struggle to plan healthy meals as well as arrange your food shop every week? We’ve just launched our Healthy Food Meal Planner that can help you with both.  Keen to find out more? Here’s 5 more reasons why the Meal Planner is worth your full attention…

1. Healthy, great- tasting recipes are available at your fingertips

Healthy, great-tasting recipes at your fingertips

If you’re in need of inspiration for healthy eating, the Meal Planner will create daily or weekly plans to meet all your dietary needs. What’s more, it can cater for the whole family, if you want to plan meals for everyone.

2. You can set your own diet preferences

Set your diet preferences

Dairy-free, gluten-free, vegan? No problem! Meal Planner lets you plan meals for any specific diet, allergy or intolerance. It also lets you exclude ingredients you don’t like, or can’t eat, ensuring you’ll always be recommended something tasty and right for you.

3. You’ll get access to thousands of tried and tested recipes

Access to thousands of tried and tested recipes
Tired of eating the same things? New recipes from HFG and delicious. magazines are added to the Meal Planner weekly, so there’s always something new and seasonal to try.

4. Keep track of what you’re eating

Full nutrition analysis for every meal
If you need to track your calories or perhaps simply want to reduce your sugar intake,  Meal Planner will give you a full nutrition analysis for every meal.

5. Shop your meal plans online in seconds

Shop your plans online in seconds

Don’t have time to go to the shops?  Meal Planner is currently linked with Tesco online, meaning shopping lists can be generated for your specific meal plans. If you don’t want to online shop, your shopping lists can be emailed to you. Plus, you can exclude things that you already have, so that you don’t end up with double.

Take a look at the new Healthy Food Meal Planner and get started on planning healthy meals catered specifically to you!