It’s that time of year again. A new opportunity to change old eating habits, exercise more and get more sleep. We promise ourselves that after a few months of rigorously sticking to these resolutions, we’ll wake up one morning and be a changed person. Exciting, right?

But many of us fail to stick to our resolutions for longer than a few weeks (or days), particularly if we’re making sweeping changes. Could it be this all-or-nothing mentality that makes it so hard to change? So, why not tackle 2020 with a different mindset?

We’ve created this guide to help you stick to those resolutions, and turn them into a long-term healthy lifestyle.

1. ‘Lose weight’
Probably one of the most common New Year’s resolutions (on a par with ‘exercise more’), and one that can be incredibly hard to stick to, especially if you try crash dieting.  But our collections of low-calorie recipes could help you shed the weight and keep it off,  without feeling deprived or restricted.

To help you stay on track:
4 ways to overcome a weight loss plateau
> A collection of low calorie pasta recipes
> Low calorie midweek meals ready in 15 minutes or less
> Low calorie baking recipes

Weight loss plateu

2. ‘Exercise more’
Pair these tips with meals from our first tip, and you could drop the pounds in no time. For an extra hand, there’s even some excuse-busters so you really can keep up the fitness.

To help you stay on track:
> 10 tips to easily squeeze fitness into your day
> Get fit from the comfort of your own home
> Your top 5 exercise excuses busted

Get fit

3. ‘Eat healthier’
Next time you head out for a food shop, don’t reach for the ready-meals – cook one of these deliciously satisfying but easy to make healthier meals instead. If you keep it up, your tastebuds will adjust and you’ll find yourself craving unhealthy food less and less.

To help you stay on track:
> 12 techniques every healthy cook needs to know
> 13 healthy stew and casserole recipes
> Healthy lunchbox snacks

Eat healthier

4. ‘Get outside more’
We’re all guilty of spending too much time inside, even though the majority of us know that a breath of fresh air can really benefit us  both physically and mentally. Read on to discover ways to get outside and exercise.

Ways to help you stay on track:
> 10 benefits of outdoor bootcamp
> What is urban hiking?
> 10 cycle trails that will make you happy


5. ‘Dry January’ or  ‘drink less’
Although steering clear of the tipple for a whole month can seem like forever, these tips and mocktails will ensure you don’t fall off the wagon. Who knows, you may even continue on into February.

Ways to help you stay on track:
> 10 ways to cut down on drinking
> 5 tips to help you stick with dry January
> Tropical punch recipe
> Mocktail recipes

Cut down on drinking