We’ve created a list of healthy dinner recipes, one for every week of the year, to help you keep on track when it comes to dinnertime.

To make things easier, we’ve categorised them by month so you can enjoy seasonal produce for dinner.

1. Parma ham and rocket pizza
2. Deliciously Ella’s coconut Thai curry with chickpeas
3. Daniel Green’s aubergine lasagne
4. Kalpna Woolf’s uplifting lemon coriander chicken with roasted peppers

52 healthy dinner recipes January

5. Italian-style chicken and bean casserole
6. Spaghetti with broccoli pesto
7. Fish tortillas
8. Chipotle beef stew with polenta

52 healthy dinner recipes February

9. Spiced chicken pilau with mint yoghurt
10. Mexican quinoa salad with lime dressing
11. Beef bahn with pickled veg
12. Warm Cajun pork salad
13. Thai fishcakes with crunchy rice salad

52 healthy dinner recipes March

14. Bean quesadillas
15. Rigatoni with beef ragù
16. Zesty roast chicken
17. Lamb souvlaki wraps

52 healthy dinner recipes April

18. Lamb and halloumi with pea and watercress salad
19. Coconut chickpea curry with noodles
20. Mustard steak with fried potato chunks
21. Tangy chicken and vegetable parcels
22. Asparagus, pea and prosciutto risotto

52 healthy dinner recipes May

23. Courgette and tomato lasagne
24. Salmon sushi bowl
25. Tandoori chicken burgers
26. Lamb steaks with nutty kale
27. Indian-spiced bubble and squeak with fried eggs

52 healthy dinner recipes June

28. Chicken, pea and basil linguine
29. Persian beer skewers with minty bean salad
30. Fish with crushed potatoes and tomato and olive salad
31. Ricotta ‘gnocchi’ with cherry tomatoes and sage

52 healthy dinner recipes July

32. Baked falafels with tahini yogurt and tomato salad
33. Easy paella
34. Spinach and ricotta crêpes
35. Chicken shawarma with cucumber and dill salad
36. Fresh sardines with tomatoes and gremolata

52 healthy dinner recipes August

37. Healthier moussaka
38. Cod and feta panzanella
39. Spicy cauliflower and chickpea tortillas
40. Thai chicken curry

52 healthy dinner recipes September

41. Sweetcorn and pepper fritters with avocado smash
42. Balsamic roast beef with vegetables
43. Prawn arrabbiata
44. Creamy chicken and corn filo pie

52 healthy dinner recipes October

45. Chicken tikka masala
46. Shakshuka
47. Salmon, chilli and lemon fettuccine
48. Moroccan lamb, tomato and sweet potato soup

52 healthy dinner recipes November

49. Turkey roulade with quinoa and cranberry stuffing
50. Chilli chicken stir-fry with noodles
51. Cheddar, bean and coriander stuffed sweet potatoes
52. Greek-style lamb with lemon potatoes

52 healthy dinner recipes December