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Too much salt in our diet can lead to high blood pressure as well as a slew of other health problems


Salt is an easy fix for bland foods, but it’s not always the best choice when it comes to our health. Here are some clever (and easy) ways to boost flavour without adding extra salt.
Think lemons, limes and oranges. A squeeze of these zesty fruits goes a long way. The extra tang will make you forget all about salt. Get the recipe for our citrus hummus pasta.



Remember we eat with our eyes. Nothing is less appealing than an entire plate of brown. Try adding plenty of colour to your meals — different fruits and veg are a good place to start. Also, take some time to ‘dress up’ your dinner. A simple sprinkling of parsley will make a meal look extra appetising.
A meal that’s all mush isn’t that appealing — even if it’s packed with flavour. Trick your taste buds by adding plenty of varying textures to your food. Think crunchy veg, silky sauces and flaky fish.
Chilli flakes/hot sauce
Add a pop of heat to your favourite dishes like eggs, chicken or pasta. Get the recipe for our chilli chicken and peanut stir-fry.

That’s right — salt’s other half. It’s packed with flavour and goes with virtually everything.
Bright, earthy, pungent herbs will add pizzazz to any dish. Think mint, dill, sage, basil and coriander. Get the recipe for our herby chicken pasta.
Balsamic vinegar
A drizzle of balsamic (or your favourite vinegar) will up the acid in a bland dish giving it mouth-watering appeal. Get our recipe for balsamic chicken with warm lentil salad.