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Consuming too much salt can increase your chances of high blood pressure. Health experts suggest limiting yourself to no more than 6g of salt per day. All of these recipes have 1g of salt or less to help you stay on track and keep your sodium intake low.


Ricotta ‘gnocchi’ with cherry tomatoes and sage
This Italian recipe showcases juicy tomatoes and the bold flavours of sage

This recipe has 0.7g of saltgnocchi


Chicken, rice and quinoa bowl
This high-protein rice bowl is packed with white meat chicken and flavoured with zesty balsamic dressing

This recipe has 1g saltRice-bowl


Salmon skewers with Moroccan chickpeas
This seafood recipe is bursting with flavours of ginger and citrusy orange

This recipe has 0.1g salt salmon-skewers


Coconut, chickpea curry with noodles
Skip the takeaway — this vegetarian curry dish is super easy to make, plus it’s high in iron and dairy-free

This recipe has 0.9g salt


Spiced carrot, pepper and corn fritters
These vegetarian fritters are low in sugar, but big on flavour thanks to the addition of cumin and clove

This recipe has 0.3g salt32-spiced-carrot-pepper-corn-fritters

Za’atar-roasted vegetable pilaf
A vegetarian dish that’s packed with butternut squash and topped with cooling yogurt

This recipe has 0.3 g salt


Warm beef and lentil salad
This beef salad is flavoured with Moroccan spices and packed with chunks of squash and beetroot

This recipe has 0.6g saltWarm-beef-and-lentil-salad


Chicken moussaka
We put a spin on the classic moussaka by adding chicken to this Greek-style casserole

This recipe has 0.7g saltmousaka


Spicy tomato & prawn spaghetti
This easy midweek pasta recipe gets a spicy kick with the addition of chilli paste
This recipe has 0.5g saltSpicy-tomato-and-prawn-spaghetti