Italian chefs Aldo Zilli and Valentina Harris took to the Food & Drink stage at This Morning Live to cook these four healthy Italian recipes as part of their Get Waisted weight loss challenge


Valentina Harris’s meatballs in tomato and aubergine sauce

‘Soaking the breadcrumbs in a little milk makes the meatballs even more succulent, without adding extra meat.’

Valentina Harris This Morning Live recipe

Aldo Zilli’s roasted tomato arrabbiata

‘The beautiful fresh basil makes this recipe so light.’
Aldo Zilli's arrabiata

Valentina’s quick blueberry tiramisu pots

‘The blueberries and just a little white chocolate add a lovely sweetness to this dessert.’
Valetina Harris blueberry tiramisu


Aldo’s tiramisu cups

‘Freshly brewed espresso is essential for this recipe.’
Aldo Zilli tiramisu