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Looking for inspiration for lighter pasta dishes? Dig right in…

1. Spaghetti with clams and olives

Spaghetti with clams and olives

If you can’t quite make it to a Mediterranean country this summer, our spaghetti with clams, olives, tomatoes and capers will certainly help transport you there…

2. Lemon linguine with ricotta and fennel

Lemon linguine ricotta and fennel

This creamy, zesty and spicy linguine only takes 25 minutes to make and will allow you take full advantage of those (hopefully) warm summer evenings. It’s also low in calories and is vegetarian making it ideal for meat-free Mondays!

3. Lemon chicken with orzo rocket salad

Lemon chicken pasta salad

This fresh and speedy pasta salad is made using a combo of lemony chicken, orzo and heaps of fresh veg. It’s also low calorie, high in fibre and will give you 2 of your 5-a-day.

4. Chilli, feta and lemon spaghetti-courgetti 

Chilli, feta and lemon spaghetti-courgetti

Even if you’re cutting back on calorie-laden meals, that doesn’t mean you need to give up spaghetti. We’ve swapped half the spaghetti with courgetti in this vibrant dish. It’s perfect for those warmer nights when you’re after something light and don’t want to feel too full on carbs.

5. Prawn tagliatelle

Prawn tagliatelle

This slightly smoky tagliatelle comes with juicy prawns, garlic and lots of veggies. It’s sure to quickly become one of your summer favourites. The combination of spicy and smoky flavours and the quick prep time makes it perfect for those nights when you’d rather be dining al fresco than slaving away in the kitchen…

6. Orzo pasta with lemon

Orzo pasta with lemon

Pesto fans will adore this one. Only requiring seven ingredients and three simple steps, our orzo pasta with lemon is a recipe that the entire family can add to their repertoire.

7. Fresh pesto pasta salad 

Fresh pesto pasta salad
 with roasted veg 
and baked ricotta

Nothing beats a bowl of good old pesto pasta, especially one that uses homemade pesto rather than store-bought jars. This recipe is topped with an abundance of herby roasted veggies, rich ricotta and crunchy pine nuts for a creamy yet crunchy finish.

8. Cherry tomato and chorizo spaghetti 

Cherry tomato & chorizo spaghetti

Spicy chorizo, fresh cherry tomatoes and black olives come together in just 15 minutes to create a lovely light summer pasta dish that tastes like holiday in a bowl!

9. Salmon and dill penne with rocket dressing 

Salmon and dill penne with rocket dressing

Salmon and dill is a winning combination. With the addition of penne and a creamy yogurt sauce, treat the family to a seriously crowd-pleasing summer dinner.

10. Rainbow pasta salad

Rainbow pasta salad

This easy rainbow pasta salad is healthier and tastier than shop-bought versions. Serve it at a summer barbecue and let friends and family tuck right in.

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