The Healthy Food Guide team believe that making small diet and lifestyle changes brings the best long-term gains. We look at the science behind the headlines and promote a balanced way of eating.

This complete body plan will help you get in shape with advice from leading personal trainers and nutritionists


1. Start losing weight within 14 days
Our dietitian’s 14-day diet plan will set you on the right track to lose weight – and even more if you get stuck into our exercise ideas.


2. Find your exercise passion
Running, yoga or swimming – find an activity you enjoy and it’s so much easier to stick at it. Follow our tips on getting started.

3. Get fit fast
Short on time? No problem. Quick workouts can be effective too. We show you moves that are designed to fit into the busiest schedule.

4. Fix your exercise mistakes
Make post-workout twinges a thing of the past with our guide to correcting five common exercise mistakes.


5. Discover new fitness trends
Tango, barre, even hula hooping – we speak to three women about the benefits of trying something new and unexpected.

6. Find out the 43 easy weight-loss wins
We’ve got dozens of simple tricks to help you shed those lbs without trying too hard. Just what we’ve always wanted!

7. Learn how to eat for exercise
Make what and when you eat part of your fitness plan to get the most out of every session. Sports dietitian Caitlin Reid shares her tips on fuelling your body for whatever you throw at it.


8. Kick-start your metabolism
Does just looking at a chocolate bar make the scales jump? Your metabolism may have slowed down. We show you how to rev it up – and burn fat faster.

9. Expert tips for a great night’s sleep
Sleeping isn’t just about recharging your batteries, research says it could be the key to weight loss too. We show you how to sleep yourself slim.

10. Stay motivated
Getting into a regular fitness regime is to be applauded, but sometimes staying motivated can be difficult. We share the secrets on how to keep exercise fun.

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