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Ever noticed that when it comes to spinach, you either completely run out of it or are left with an abundance leftovers? If it’s a case of the latter and you want to use that bag of spinach, we have 10 easy and delicious ways to make sure you get the most out of this iron-rich, leafy green.

1.Poached eggs with spinach

Poached eggs with avocado, beetroot and spinach
For a fuss-free, healthy breakfast, add a handful of spinach to your poached eggs. Not only does it taste great but you’ll also be adding an extra portion of iron, which will take you closer to the recommended 14.8mg daily intake*.  If you’re a fan of salmon for breakfast try making our salmon spinach and eggs recipe.

*recommended intake for women aged between 11 and 50

2. Spinach and cumin soup

Spinach and cumin soup
Soup is the perfect way to use up any excess veg and this spinach and cumin soup from Abel and Cole is full of warming spices. What’s more, it can be whizzed up in just 25 minutes.

3. Mushroom and spinach fettuccine

Mushroom and spinach fettuccine
Who doesn’t enjoy a big bowlful of pasta? Our creamy fettuccine combines garlic, mushrooms, spinach and extra-light cream cheese to make a comforting low-cal pasta recipe.

4. Spinach pie

Spinach pie
Combining spinach, ricotta and potatoes, our spinach pie is the perfect way to use up any leftover spinach you may have lurking around. Plus it’s low in calories and high in protein, making it an ideal dish if you’re watching calories.

5. Spinach and ricotta crêpes

Spinach and ricotta crêpes

Take your crêpes to the next level by swapping sweet toppings for a handful of spinach, roasted tomatoes and touch of ricotta.

6. Spinach, carrot and pumpkin seed muffins

Carrot, spinach & pumpkin seed muffins

Our savoury muffins combine spinach, carrots and pumpkins seeds for a nutritious snack at breakfast time or something to send the kids to school with.

7. Spinach mash

Spinach Mash

Who knew spinach could work so well with mash? This rich recipe is not only full of great flavours but is also 100% dairy and gluten free.

8. Deliciously Ella’s easy green smoothie

Deliciously Ella’s easy green smoothie

Spinach is a great addition to any smoothie due to its mild taste and slightly creamy consistency when blended. This green smoothie provides you with 2 of your 5-a-day and is ready in just 2 mins, making it an easy way to kick-start your day.

9. Spinach and ricotta fritters

Tomato, spinach and ricotta fritters

Brunch anyone? These crispy fritters with spinach, tomato and ricotta make a great weekend dish. Plus, this recipe also packs in two of your 5-a-day.

10. Spinach and ricotta gnudi

Spinach and ricotta gnudi

Similar to gnocchi but made with ricotta instead, our one-pan spinach gnudi is not only impressive looking and tastes great but is also surprisingly easy to make!

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