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Chicken is such a versatile meat and can be transformed into dozens of dishes – perfect if you’re on a diet but want to avoid eating the same meals every day.

We’ve rounded up 20 of our most popular chicken recipes. The best bit? They’re all under 500 calories per serving!

1. Chicken hotpot (373 kcal per serving)

We added sweet potatoes to this healthier chicken hotpot to boost levels of the antioxidant vitamin E.

Chicken hotpot

2. Chicken skewers with stir-fried greens (408 kcal per serving)

Fire up the barbecue (or the grill) and serve up these sizzling skewers for a tasty midweek meal that’s dairy-free and gluten-free

Chicken skewers

3. Chicken and lentil dhal (309 kcal per serving)

Try our low-carb warming chicken and lentil dhal recipe which has been sprinkled with toasted almonds.

4. Creamy chicken mushroom and almond pasta (385 kcal per serving)

This creamy bowl of wholemeal pasta that packs in three of your five-a-day is surprisingly low in fat too.

Chicken almond pasta

5. Chicken minestrone soup (320 kcal per serving)

A hearty lunchtime soup or light dinner option. The added chicken ensures that you keep your intake of protein up too.


6. Sweet and sour chicken (233 kcal per serving)

Have a go at this cheaper and healthier version of your favourite takeaway which is much lower in sugar.

Sweet and sour chicken

7. Chicken and quinoa soup (365 kcal per serving)

A hearty lunchtime soup or light dinner option. The added chicken ensures that you keep your intake of protein up too.

chicken soup

8. Paprika chicken with quinoa, pumpkin and almond salad (355 kcal per serving)

A hearty lunchtime soup or light dinner option. The added chicken ensures that you keep your intake of protein up too.

Paprika chicken

9. Lower-fat chicken satay (410 kcal per serving)

With our pared-back take on a Thai classic you can still enjoy this Friday night favourite without the fat and calorie overload.

chicken satay

10. Sun-dried tomato chicken and panzanella salad (410 kcal per serving)

This stunning chicken panzanella salad is high in protein and makes an impressive platter with the mixed cherry tomatoes.

Panzanella salad

11. Chicken jambalaya (466 kcal per serving)

This easy Creole recipe gives you a healthy hit of protein, plus three of your five-a-day, all in one pan. It’s also low in fat!

Chicken jambalaya

12. Cajun chicken tortillas (327 kcal per serving)

Cajun chicken, grilled veg and beans make this high-fibre tortilla recipe and they’re easy enough to make for a midweek family meal.

Cajun chicken tortillas

13. Roast vegetable and chicken bowl (489 kcal per serving)

Big, bold and beautiful – this chicken bowl is full oomph and includes four of your five-a-day.

Roast veg bowl

14. Garlicky chicken with mashed lemon peas (464 kcal per serving)

This is a great meal for when you just fancy some wholesome goodness: greens, spuds and garlic baked chicken.

Garlic chicken

15. Low-carb chicken salad (424 kcal per serving)

The Body Coach aka Joe Wicks has thrown together this tasty low-card  chicken salad, perfect for a light dinner.

Joe wicks chicken salad

16. Tandoori chicken naan bread pizzas (417 kcal per serving)

Forget the takeout menu and try something different with these tandoori chicken pizzas.

Tandoori chicken pizza

17. Chicken and leek filo pies (319 kcal per serving)

These chicken and leek filo pies make for a hearty, comforting dinner for days when you fancy something healthy and warming.

Chicken filo pies

18. Healthier chicken laksa (357 kcal per serving)

This classic Malaysian dish has been given a healthy makeover so that it’s low in calories and fat but is still full of flavour.

Chicken laksa

19. Pesto chicken tray bake (294 kcal per serving)

This tasty pesto tray bake is perfect if you’re looking to feed the whole family. Plus, it comes with minimum washing up!


20. Golden roast chicken (242 kcal per serving)

Don’t be fooled into thinking a roast dinner comes with a high calorie content, our golden roast chicken recipe has a crispy skin and succulent, moist meat inside but is still low in calories.


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