A member of the British Dietetic Association, Juliette Kellow has worked in the NHS and for the food industry, and is the former editor of magazines Slimming and Top Santé. She's also the former editorial...

It’s possible to snack between meals without derailing your diet — you just have to choose the right kind

Each of these snacks contain around 100kcal and with 21 options there’s something to satisfy every palate.


A balanced diet includes healthy snacks – ideally, around 100kcal each. Instead of grabbing a KitKat, make each calorie work, to fill you up and provide nutrients. Here are dietitian Juliette Kellow’s top snack choices. To break it down we separated the sweet snacks from the savoury.

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*Weight-loss results will vary and are down to your individual circumstances and the amount of weight you have to lose.