Gluten-free baking is a challenge. One route to success is piling in the sugar and fat, but we show you how to get good results without resorting to unhealthy strategies


Best for structure…

Gluten locks in moisture, giving sponginess to cakes and elasticity to doughs. These are some of the best products available to help give your bakes similar results without it.

Xantham gum

Helps to improve crumb structure and stability.
We love Doves Farm Xantham Gum

Fruit purées

A healthy way to add moisture to bakes, without adding lots of extra fat.
We love Biona Organic Apple Purée


Psyllium husk

Helps give springiness and improves colour. Best in doughs and pastry.
We love Super Nutrients Organic Psyllium Husks


Best for flavour…

If you’re used to regular baking, you may have to alter your expectations. Bakes won’t taste the same and they’ll have a different texture, but go with it and you’ll learn how to cope with the challenge.


A strong, slightly bitter flavour, easily offset by adding spices – try cinnamon or allspice.
We love Freee by Doves Farm Gluten Free Buckwheat Flour

Almond and chestnut flours

These flours have a nuttiness that can create really delicious cakes. Hold back on other bold flavours and let the flour speak for itself.
We love Sukrin Almond Flour


Vanilla extract or paste

(check it’s gluten free) Vanilla can improve the flavour of blander flours. Also try citrus zest, nutmeg or cocoa.
We love Nielsen Massey Pure Vanilla Extract


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