Ellie is the acting assistant digital editor for Healthy Food Guide. She loves cooking, dabbles in Crossfit and is a true believer that peanut butter makes everything better.

From hummus, pepper and rocket to peanut butter and apple, we’ve got sweet and savoury toppings to suit any time of day. Have a flick through and choose your favourite. Or get creative and make up some of your own!

Beetroot, cucumber and feta
Simply whizz all the ingredients for the beetroot hummus up in a food processor before using to top crispbreads, plus feta and cucumber. It makes a fantastic healthy vegetarian snack.

Boiled egg, avocado and chilli
We’ve just invented another way for you to enjoy this longstanding brunch combo: eggs and avocado.

Hummus, red pepper and rocket
This simple but classic savoury topping pairs sweet, creamy and peppery flavours. And everyone can enjoy this one – it’s vegan!

Ricotta, pesto and tomato
We’ve taken a few tips from the Italians with this brilliant topping: creamy ricotta, sweet cherry tomatoes and punchy pesto.

Peanut butter, apple and cinnamon 
When is peanut butter not a good idea? Try it paired with crisp apple slices and a sprinkle of cinnamon for a sweet snack that’s actually low in sugar.

Strawberry, honey and mint
Enjoy the best of both worlds with this sweet meets savoury topping. We’ve combined light cream cheese with strawberries, honey and mint for a refreshing snack or breakfast option.

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