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The tiny green veggies may have a bad rep, but we’re here to prove that with the right recipe, they’re a tasty addition to the family dinner table – and not just for Christmas!

Brussels sprouts are high in fibre and a great source of vitamins C and K, helping to keep your skin healthy and aiding your body’s ability to heal wounds. Here are our favourite recipes using them:

1. Pomegranate brussels sprouts with flaked almonds

A vibrant vegan side, created by nutritionist Lily Soutter, this sprout dish combines flaked almonds for crunch and juicy pomegranate seeds for a suitably festive pop of colour.Image of Lily Soutter sprouts

2. Brussels sprouts, squash and blue cheese pasta

This dish sounds indulgent, but one serving provides two of your five-a-day, whilst coming in at a modest 349 calories. You’ll also get vitamin B6 from the butternut squash, which benefits your immune system – goodbye winter sniffles!

3. Shaved sprout salad with prosciutto and poached eggs

Proving our theory that poachies taste great in any dish, we’ve served them with prosciutto, kale and shredded brussels sprouts in this high-protein salad.

4. Spicy stir-fried sprouts

We’ve let the sprouts do the talking in this Asian-inspired dish, but enhanced their flavour with garlic, chilli and soy sauce. Simple, but effective – serve as a low-calorie side.

image of stir-fried sprouts

5. Poached egg on toast with sautéed sprouts

A classic staple with a twist, we’ve added brussels, mushrooms, prosciutto and a pinch of chilli to traditional poached eggs on toast. Twenty minutes to create a low-calorie, high-protein meal to be enjoyed for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

6. Penne with chorizo & sprouts

Change-up your pasta routine by adding sprouts, smoky chorizo and grated parmesan to penne. Ready in less than half an hour, it’s an easy addition to any weekly menu.

Image of spicy sausage penne

7. Beetroot risotto with sprouts & feta

We love the vibrant colour given to this dish by beetroot. Also combining sprouts and onion, this hearty winter warmer provides two of your five-a-day per serving.