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It may sound silly, but there really is an art to power walking. Our tips below highlight the best posture techniques to improve, and make the most of, your power walking workout.


‘Power walking is achievable and accessible by most people – and although it doesn’t have to involve the bum wiggle, there is a degree of technique involved,’ says Robin Gargrave, executive director of YMCAfit. ‘The more effort you put in, the more calories you’ll burn.’


1. Head
Keep your head up and centred between your shoulders – your head and neck should ‘float’ above your shoulders in a relaxed manner. Keep your chin up and focus your eyes straight ahead.

2. Shoulders

Keep them back and down. Don’t allow them to round or creep up to your ears.

3. Chest
Imagine a piece of string is attached to the centre of your chest that gently pulls it upward.

4. Arms
They should be bent to slightly less than 90 degrees. Swing them back and forth like a pendulum, briskly and definitely, keeping them close to your body. At the highest point of your arm swing, your elbow will be level with your breastbone; at the bottom of your arm swing, your hand will brush your hip.

5. Hands
Keep them loosely cupped, as if you are holding a butterfly – you don’t want to let it escape but you don’t want to crush it, either.

6. Abs
Pull your belly button gently in towards your spine and tuck your pelvis forward very slightly so you feel tall, stable and upright. This also protects your lower back.

7. Hips

Power your movements from your hips rather than your thighs, but keep your hips loose and natural. They should move forward and back rather than from side to side.

8. Thighs
Take short, fast strides that still feel natural.

9. Feet
Land firmly on your heel and roll smoothly to push off with the toes. Think of planting your heel, then pushing the ground away from you as you roll through your foot.

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