The Healthy Food Guide team believe that making small diet and lifestyle changes brings the best long-term gains. We look at the science behind the headlines and promote a balanced way of eating.

Before submitting your products into the Best of Health Awards 2019, please read the following:

Entry criteria
• There is an entry fee of £50 for 1 product. Any additional products are subject to a £20 fee thereafter per item.
• Your submission must include:-
– product details: pack weight, price/RRP, stockists
– nutrition: per serving
– number of servings in the product
• Please enter your product in the category you think is most relevant, but note that these categories are subject to change (if we like a product, we might enter it into a different category to the one selected on initial application)

NB Please do not send product samples upon submission. We will contact you for sample requests.


Nutrition criteria
When submitting your entry, please bear in mind we support products that are low in calories and/or fat, saturates, sugars and salt, or have nutrition benefits such as being high in fibre, calcium or protein.



This category champions the breakfast foods that can be trusted by consumers to offer a healthy start to the day.

Suggested products:
• Cereal
• Porridge
• Granola/muesli
• Yogurt
• Condiments e.g. nut butters, honeys, nectars and syrups
Category key points: naturally sweetened, high fibre, high protein, limited additives, fortified with vitamins and minerals, probiotic


This category celebrates the best of grab-and-go, healthy options to bring to work and quick fridge staples for at home.

Suggested products:
• Bread e.g. wraps, bagels, loaves
• Salads
• Soups
• Sandwiches
• Microwave meals
Category key points: minimal processed ingredients, low in salt and sugars


Products that taste great but aren’t too high in calories and fat, or loaded with salt and sugars, will catch our eye.

Suggested products:
• Ready meals
• Convenient main meal components e.g. sausages, burgers, fish fillets
Category key points: low in calories, low in saturated fat


Shortcut ingredients that can be used in everyday cooking and make healthy meals easier to make.

Suggested products:
• Convenience items e.g. sauces, condiments, quick cook or ready-to-use ingredients
• Oils (cooking or dressing)
• Baking e.g. flours, baking mixes
Category key points: making healthier cooking/eating easier


Herbal blends with health benefits, or healthier swaps for a full-fat hot chocolate!

Suggested products:
• Herbal teas
• Turmeric lattes
• Chai products
• Matcha
• Decaf drinks
Category key points: low calorie, low sugar


Low-calorie soft drinks and alcohol swaps that leave us feeling refreshed.

Suggested products:
• Fizzy flavoured water
• Low-sugar cordials
• Alcohol swaps
• Slimline tonics
Category key points: low calorie, low sugar


Healthier swaps for when those grab-bag crisps are calling your name!

Suggested products:
• Low-calorie crisp bags
• Crackers and crispbreads
• Popcorn
• Portion-controller cheeses
Category key points: low salt, high fibre or high protein to keep you fuller for longer


Healthier choices for when those sweet cravings hit!

Suggested products:
• Healthier chocolates
• Low-calorie ice cream
• Fruity snacks
• Yogurt pots
• Lighter biscuits
• Cereal bars
Category key points: low sugar, low calorie, low saturates


Healthy pre or post-workout snacks.

Suggested products:
• High-energy snacks
• Trail mixes
• Fruit
• Yogurt pots
Category key points: high protein, low sugars


Innovative plant-based products making life easier for vegans

Suggested products:
• Ready-meals
• Sandwiches
• Soups
• Snacks
• Cheese alternatives
• Condiments
Category key points: low salt and saturates


Everyday swaps for products which traditionally include dairy

Suggested products:
• Yogurts
• Milk alternatives
• Spreads
Category key points: low sugar, low saturates


Alternative products for those following a gluten free diet.

Suggested products:
• Breads
• Crackers and flatbreads
• Savoury snacks
Category key points: low salt, high fibre


CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE ENTRY FORM. After submitting your entry you will receive an email from us to process your payment.

Closing date: 14th June 2019