The Healthy Food Guide team believe that making small diet and lifestyle changes brings the best long-term gains. We look at the science behind the headlines and promote a balanced way of eating.

At Healthy Food Guide, we take a lot of care over what we put in our bodies and with so many healthy options available to consumers nowadays, eating well has never been easier. But not all healthy products are created equal, which is why we created the Best of Health Awards 2019,

Now in its sixth year, the awards are designed to champion the best of the best healthy products on the market. This year, we have products spanning 12 categories; from breakfast, lunch and dinner to healthy gym bag snacks and drinks. We’ve added four brand new categories to accommodate all our vegan, freezer-friendly, gluten-free and dairy-free favourites, too.

HFG judging

Our HFG judges sipped, slurped, munched and nibbled hundreds of healthy products while keeping in mind our nutritional criteria. We looked at factors such as sugar, saturated fat and salt content, plus the good things such as protein and fibre and minimal use of heavily-processed ingredients, and all winning entries were approved by our dietitians.

We like to think that we’ve accounted for every type of occasion, eater, dietary preference, fitness enthusiast and healthy foodie in this year’s awards and – after much tasting and consideration – we’re pleased to finally announce the winners of the Best of Health Awards 2019.

The best breakfasts
Discover six healthy breakfasts to start your day right

The best lunchtime meals
Look forward to your midday meal with these tasty on-the-go lunches

The best speedy suppers
For when you don’t have time to make dinner

The best frozen desserts
The low-calorie ice creams we simply can’t get enough of

The best vegan products
These are our favourite vegan products of 2019

The best dairy-free products
Avoiding dairy has never been easier thanks to these brilliant dairy-free products

The best gluten-free products
Going gluten-free? These are our favourite picks from 2019

The best healthy cold drinks
Going booze-free is easy with these non-alcoholic drinks

The best healthy hot drinks
CBD…tea? These are the hot drinks you didn’t even know you needed

The best storecupboard ingredients
The staples you NEED to stock up on

The best snacks
Innovative alternatives to the traditional fat, salt or sugar-loaded options

The best healthy gym bag snacks
5 must-have gym snacks that will fuel even the toughest workout

We also had reader’s awards, where we asked for your opinin on five healthy categories, from your favourite Healthy Food Guide front cover to healthy high-street food choices. Thousands of you voted (thank you!), click here to see who won.