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There’s no getting away from the fact that 2020 is the year for plant-based errything. With most major supermarkets expanding their vegan ranges and lots of brands (vegan or not) introducing new plant-based products, there’s never been a more exciting time to go vegan!

So, whether you’re trying the 30-day challenge that is Veganuary or want 2020 to be the year you cut your meat consumption, these fantastic products will help you on your way. And who knows, may even convince you to take your vegan ventures beyond the month of Jan…

Waitrose & Partners Vegan No Egg Fried Rice, £1.99/350g

Waitrose has doubled its vegan range for 2020 with the launch of over 30 new products, including plenty of twists-on-a-classic – think fishless goujons, no-chicken samosas and vegan no egg-fried rice (below). We were highly impressed by the latter offering – a comforting mix of fluffy rice, petit pois, chunky tofu pieces, sesame oil and turmeric – for it’s great taste and texture. We were also impressed by the ingredients list (all were totally natural, recognisable and good for you) as well as the fact that each serving is low in saturates and sugar. A really good alternative to an often greasy, calorie-laden dish – this one get’s the thumbs up from us!

Linda McCartney Pulled Pork Bao Bun Kit, £5/270g, available in Tesco and Ocado

One of the latest additions to Linda McCartney’s meat-free range are these ‘pulled pork’ bao buns – *immediately starts drooling*.  Launching on the 20th January in Tesco and Ocado,  each kit serves two people and contains a packet of pulled pork-style pieces, made from soya and wheat protein, fluffy bao buns and a vegan sriracha mayonnaise. We’re seriously excited for this one – Linda, you’ve done it again.



Linda McCartney Pulled Pork Bao Bun Kit

Squeaky Bean Ready-to-eat Plant-based Chicken, £2.75/160g (available from Sainsbury’s)

An easy on-the-go option if you’re in need of a high-protein snack or want to add a little oomph to your lunch. Squeaky Bean’s plant-based chicken contain 22g protein per 100g, is high in fibre and low in saturates. Tick, tick and tick.


Marks and Spencer No Chicken Kievs, £3.50/285g (available in stores)

M&S have given this retro British classic a vegan makeover: say hello to the No- Chicken Kiev. The ‘chicken’ is replaced with meaty-textured soya, filled with a garlicky vegan butter and coated in crispy breadcrumbs. The real question is: did we notice a difference? Not at all. We were mightily impressed at how closely these mimic the texture and flavour of the original.  Plus, they don’t skimp on the garlic butter filling! At 340 calories per serving, these would make a great dinner option served with lots of greens or a crisp salad. Note that they are quite high in salt though (2.45g per kiev) if you’re watching your intake.

Mighty Pea M.LK Barista Edition, £2/1l (available in Sainsbury’s)

Peas…in milk?! Bear with us on this one. Made from a blend of yellow split peas and water, Mighty Pea’s original M.LK is the new milk alternative on the block and it boasts a wealth of nutritional benefits. Just 250ml of the stuff contains a whopping 8g of protein and is enriched with vitamins B12, D and iodine. Although it certainly has a distinctive flavour (we wouldn’t recommend serving with hot drinks) it would make a fantastic addition to smoothies or as a pre or post-workout shake.

Minor Figures Chai Latte, £1.99/200ml

We’re big fans of Minor Figures oat milk (we’d go so far as to say it rivals Oatly – you heard it here first) which is why we were extremely keen to give their brand new chai latte in a can a go. Made from a blend of spiced tea and oat milk, you’ll feel cool than cool sipping on a can of this refreshing drink – we love the hipster peach and pink design. It’s also free of refined sugar and only 67 calories per 100ml, so if you’re not a fan of coffee then this is the drink for you.

new vegan products 2020: minor figures chai latte

The Coop GRO Chilli Con Nachos, £2.95/380g (available in stores)

The Coop launched their brand new vegan range GRO this month (2 January) and it includes plenty of healthy options – think beet burgers, no-meat balls, veggie-packed ready meals and more. One of our favourites from their more virtuous selection is this Chilli Con Nachos ready meal: a soya and bean chilli served with wild rice and a crispy tortilla chip topping. It ticks plenty of boxes nutritionally – it’s low in calories, saturates, sugar and salt – and really does pack a hot and spicy punch! Warning: not for those who can’t handle the heat.

Freak’s of Nature Chocolate Mousse, £1.80 for two pots

A little bit of indulgence never hurt anyone – although at 150 calories per pot, you don’t have to worry about portion control with these beauties. The plant-based chocolate mousse is made from coconut milk, water, sugar, dark chocolate and a little cacao powder, although they’re so rich and creamy you’d be none the wiser that they’re vegan. They do contain emulsifiers and gelling agents though, so aren’t 100% natural, but a pot every once in a while won’t hurt you.

new vegan products 2020: chocolate mousse

B.Fresh Plant-Based Berry Bircher Bowl, £2.50/250g

Prioritising sleep in the morning means that breakfast can often get over-looked, so it’s nice to know there are good-for-you options if you need to dine and dash (no, not that sort of dine and dash!). These bircher bowls by B.fresh are made with wholesome jumbo oats, fresh fruit and vegetable juice and chicory root, so they’re packed with gut-loving fibre (12.4g per pot) and only 262 calories each. Keep a couple in your fridge or pick up a pot on your way to work for an easy, healthy and totally plant-based brekkie.

The Groovy Food Company Chilli and Garlic-Infused Coconut Oil, £4/283ml (available at Tesco)

When time is of the essence, it’s useful to keep a few tricks up your sleeve when it comes to creating maximum flavour in minutes. And this chilli and garlic-infused coconut oil is ours! It makes a brilliant addition to stir-fries, curries, marinades and  sauces and literally contains three ingredients (they’re all organic, too!). Take your cooking up a notch and pick up a jar.

new vegan products 2020: coconut oil

Heniz Beanz Meanz Vegan, 85p (available exclusively on Ocado)

Did you know that Heinz beans are vegan?  In support of those doing Veganuary this month, Heinz have launched a limited-edition can to remind people that classic Heinz Beanz are proudly plant-based. Ok, so technically this isn’t a new product for 2020, but we thought it was worth a shoutout. Plus, one serving counts as one of your five-a-day! Big up the beans, we say.

Gato and Co cookies ‘n’ cream biscuits,  £1.59/42g in Boots

Vegan dessert company Gato & Co’s new cookies ‘n’ cream biscuits are low in sugar, good for your gut, vegan and available in four tempting flavours (we like chocolate and vanilla the best). They’re made from natural ingredients such as oats, coconut oil, nuts and cacao and are packed with lots of fibre. They’re a little high in fats and saturates (12g/7.8g per packet) but each cookie comes in at under 100 calories making them a great ‘healthier’ indulgent snack.

Itsu’s miso mushroom brilliant’broth, £2/500ml at Marks and Spencer

Itsu are making it easier than ever to join the trend for ramen with these on-the-go brilliant’broth cartons. The light miso and mushroom broth is made with soy and mirin for an umami-rich flavour, making it the perfect foundation for you to add your own choice of noodles, veg and protein at home. Plus, at only 56 cals per 100g, they’re perfect if you’re trying to monitor your daily calorie intake.

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