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From healthier sausage rolls, to vegan chocolate truffles, we’ve got the perfect Christmas party nibbles to suit every guest.

Christmas parties are all about the nibbles. When catering for large groups, it’s always good to have savoury nibbles to hand, as well as some sweet treats to enjoy with after-dinner coffees. Whether you’re watching your weight or catering for different dietary requirements, why not give one of our favourite party recipes a try?

1. Tomato, olive & basil tarts

Simply press squares of filo pastry into a muffin tin to make these neat edible canapés. Filled with tomato, olive and basil, they’re low in saturated fat and suitable for veggies.

2. Roast sweet potato slices with herby ricotta and salsa

Serve these roast sweet potato slices as an appetiser for vegetarian guests. At just 27 calories per serving, they won’t spoil your supper! 

3. Mini prawn tortillas

Use a cookie cutter to transform wholemeal tortillas into a base for these lighter canapés, which are low in saturates and provide just 31 calories per serving!Image of prawn canapes

4. Griddled scallops with spicy watermelon and cucumber salsa

Free of gluten and dairy, these individual spoon-served canapés are a more inclusive option for dinner parties. Plus, they take just 15 minutes to prepare.Image of scallops canapes

5. Healthier sausage rolls

Arguably less sophisticated, who could forget this party classic? We’ve used lean pork mince and light puff pastry in our healthier sausage rolls to slash the calories and fat.Image of sausage rolls

6. Gingerbread biscuits

Serve a platter of these delightful Christmas biccies at your party. Or, if you’d rather make them into tree decorations, simply poke them with a straw before baking and hang with ribbon.Image of gingerbread biscuits

7. Gluten-free Christmas biscuits

Using gluten-free plain flour, these beautifully decorated festive biscuits are fit for coeliac guests. The secret to their intricate pattern? A doily and a sprinkling of icing sugar!Image of Christmas biscuits

8. Fruit and nut chocolate stars

Packed with chopped nuts and dried cranberries, these little chocolate treats make a good gift, or a lovely accompaniment to a post-meal dinner coffee.Image of chocolate stars

9. Chocolate Christmas pudding truffles

We’ve used leftover figgy pudding to make these bite-sized truffles. Simply decorate with melted chocolate and glacé cherries and voilà: a festive party centrepiece.Image of Christmas pudding truffles

10. Chocolate, date & walnut truffles

A good option for vegan and coeliac guests, we’ve kept things simple with these four-ingredient raw truffles. You can’t go wrong with the classic chocolate and orange flavour combo.Image of chocolate raw truffles

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