Ellie is the acting assistant digital editor for Healthy Food Guide. She loves cooking, dabbles in Crossfit and is a true believer that peanut butter makes everything better.

She plunged chia seeds into the spotlight and made sweet potato brownies go viral…Deliciously Ella has certainly taught us a thing or two about vegan cooking over the years.

We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve turned to her speedy almond butter stir-fry for supper. And a bowl of her ever-popular chocolate porridge always guarantees to make mornings that little bit more manageable.

Save your favourites for later and return to them again and again. You’re sure to find something you like amongst Deliciously Ella’s easy, comforting and nourishing vegan recipes. 

Bircher muesli with almond milk

Serves: 2 people
Takes: 5 min + soaking

A nourishing mix of oats, banana, almond milk, mixed seeds and maple syrup, bircher muesli is a breakfast staple for when you need something quick, creamy and comforting.

Cacao spread

Makes: 1 jar
Takes: 35 min

We spread this stuff on everything! A mouth-watering blend of dates, cacao powder and coconut oil, this naturally indulgent spread  is a really delicious alternative to Nutella or store-bought chocolate spread.

Easy green smoothie

Serves: 1 person
2 min

Got 2 minutes? Course you do! There’s no excuses not to eat your greens with Ella’s speedy green smoothie. Banana, cucumber, almond butter and spinach – whizz it up and you’re done!

Deliciously Ella’s easy green smoothie

Coconut Thai curry with chickpeas

Serves: 6 people
Takes: 1 hr 20 min

Having a big batch of this creamy coconut and chickpea curry on standby in your fridge or freezer ensures there’s something nourishing to eat when you walk in the door. It’s full of fibre and veg, too, keeping you satisfied for longer.

Roasted almond butter 

Makes: 1 jar
Takes: 25 min

Smooth, silky, lightly-roasted and super easy, there’e no going back once you’ve made your own almond butter.

Deliciously Ella recipes: almond butter

Chocolate porridge 

Serves: 1 person
Takes: 10 min

”On a cold winter’s day, this is heaven. It’s thick, rich and creamy, with a sweetness to each spoonful that feels indulgent – but not so much that it doesn’t work for the mornings.” – Ella Mills

Deliciously Ella recipes: chocolate porridge

Vegan pancakes

Makes: 10 pancakes
Takes: 20 min

‘‘I like to serve these with either a squeeze of lemon juice and 1tsp coconut sugar per pancake, or a drizzle of maple syrup and a handful of blueberries.’’ – Ella Mills

Deliciously Ella recipes: Vegan pancake recipe

Bircher muesli loaf 

Serves: 12 people
Takes: 45 min

This easy loaf cake is made with Deliciously Ella’s bircher muesli for a nuttier and denser texture. It’s extra nutritious and perfect for breakfast!

Lentil bolognese

Serves: 4 people
Takes: 1 hr

Going vegan doesn’t have to mean giving up spaghetti bolognese. Lentils have a robust and hearty texture that work well in place of meat and this simple recipe is cost-effective to make, too.

Image of lentil bolognese

Creamy mushroom and garlic pasta 

Serves: 2 people
Takes: 30 min

A creamy bowl of pasta should be part of everyone’s recipe repertoire so why not try this one, made with mushrooms, spinach and lots of garlic.

Creamy mango and banana overnight oats

Serves: 2 people
Takes: 5 min + soaking

A cooling, refreshing and fruity start to the day, layer up with Ella’s creamy mango and banana overnight oats.

Deliciously Ella’s creamy mango and banana overnight oats

Pumpkin seeds and almond granola bars

Serves: 12 people
Takes: 45 min

Keep nutritious snacks on standby to ensure you don’t get too hungry and end up overeating. These nutty, seedy granola bars are a brilliant option, take 10 minutes to throw together and are loaded with healthy fats and fibre.

Deliciously Ella recipes: granola bars

Warming double bean chilli

Serves: 4 people
Takes: 55 min

Using both kidney and black beans in a chilli adds double the texture and flavour. Top with avocado and dairy-free yoghurt for a feast to feed a crowd.

Clementine and coconut sorbet 

Serves: 4 people
Takes: 10 min + freezing

A speedy summer dessert that can be made in advance and uses just two ingredients – convinced?

Almond butter stir-fry 

Serves: 2 people
Takes: 25 min

Swap peanut butter for almond butter in this speedy stir-fry for a slightly different but just as moreish nutty flavour.

Deliciously Ella recipes: stir-fry

Buckwheat salad

Serves: 4 people
Takes: 30 min

Buckwheat is naturally gluten-free as has a really complex, nutty flavour. Give it a whirl in this simple salad loaded with fresh herbs, carrots, pomegranate seeds and spices.

Deliciously Ella recipes: buckwheat salad

Sweet potato and black bean Shepherd’s pie 

Serves: 4 people
Takes: 1 hr 5 min

A portion of this black bean shepherd’s pie gives you 4 of your 5-a-day in one fell swoop. Getting your daily veg really is as easy as pie!

Almond soup

Serves: 4 people
Takes: 15 min

Serve this creamy almond soup as a quick and elegant starter during the summer months. Ella tops hers with toasted rye crumbs for extra crunch.

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