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We love treating ourselves to a square or two of chocolate at Easter but hate the fact that many commercial Easter eggs are laden with unnecessary packaging . We’ve found the best Easter eggs for 2019 that not only offer great-tasting chocolate but also minimise their negative effect on the planet.

1.Dark Chocolate With Cocoa Nibs Eco Egg (£8.99) by Montezuma

This no-frills dark chocolate egg from British chocolatier Montezuma’s comes encased in a packaging comprised of just two parts: a biodegradable paper outer shell and a foil wrapping.

2. Organic Dark Collection Egg (£10.99) by Green & Black’s

Good old Green & Black’s have wrapped their organic dark egg, along with two tasty chocolate bars, in a simple recyclable cardboard case. Don’t let the pretty packaging fool you, what’s inside is just a lovely.

3.Original Organic Easter Egg (3.99) by Moo Free, available at Ocado

Fancy all the satisfying creaminess of milk chocolate but can’t eat dairy? Indulge in a nibble of Moo Free’s dairy-free, gluten-free and soya-free Easter egg. And don’t forget to recycle the box afterwards.

4.  A Dozen Chocolate Quails Eggs (£10) by Hotel Chocolat

When we heard that Hotel Chocolat had launched their very first sustainable egg box filled with 12 chocolate ‘quails egg’ sized truffles, we simply had to share the news. The box is made entirely from recycled sugarcane too, making it completely compostable. What egg-cellent news!

5. Mega Dark Low Sugar Egg (£18.50) by Chococo

Both the cardboard and plastic elements of this egg carton are recyclable. Even the plastic inner sleeve is made from 70% recycled material – which again, is recyclable! Try Chococo’s low-sugar chocolate egg for a good all-round option this Easter.

6. Pink Himalayan Salt Dark Chocolate Easter Egg (£5.25) by Divine

Divine’s slightly salted dark chocolate egg comes in a pretty pink recyclable box. We love it, and at just over a fiver,  you can’t go wrong. It’s vegan too!

7. Vegan Chocolate Caramel Easter Eggs (£6) by Cococaravan

Forget conventional Easter eggs, this simple cardboard box comes filled with eight handmade vegan caramel eggs. Simple, delicious and recyclable!

8. Giant Bakewell Easter Egg (£23.99) by Cocoa Loco

A 73% dark chocolate egg decorated with crunchy blanched almonds and sour cherrie, does that count as one of our five-a-day? Of course the packaging is 100% recyclable too.

9. Original Egg (£9) by Goupie

Goupie really care about their packaging and the environment. Their boxes are made from folded cardboard (so no adhesive is necessary) and they even deliver all of their choccies to retailers in reused ingredients boxes. Plus, the chocolate inside tastes fabulous.

10. Milk chocolate egg and assorted mini eggs (£8) by Lindt

Lindt have given their classic milk egg an eco upgrade with 94.5% less plastic packaging. It’s a cracking idea – wouldn’t you agree? 

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