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Whether you’re the designated driver this Christmas or you simply want to watch your units over the festive period, we’ve got the perfect festive mocktails for you to try out this year

Once you discover the right mocktail recipe for you, we promise you won’t miss the alcohol at the Christmas party. Plus, you’ll be thanking yourself when you wake up feeling as fresh as a daisy the next morning. Try our favourite recipes to stay healthier this Christmas.

1. Cinnamon highball mocktail

We love the festive touch that a stick of cinnamon adds to this lighter recipe, devised by The London Essence Company. And at just 64 calories per serving, it’s far from derailing your diet.

Image of cinnamon highball mocktail

2. Apple mock-jito mocktail

Keeping the lovely minty taste of the classic mojito, but swapping rum for organic apple juice, this easy cocktail recipe from Redemption Bar will have you feeling merry from its fruity taste alone.

Image of apple mojito

3. Pomegranate and rosewater spritz

This fruity and floral drink is sweetened with Stevia to keep it low in sugar. If you’re catering for guests who fancy something stronger, you can add a splash of gin and make it into a cocktail.

4. Frocorita mocktail

Showcasing a blend of coconut water and citrus juices, there’s a touch of the tropical about this mocktail recipe from London’s Redemption Bar. Make it beautiful by garnishing with an edible flower.

Image of fricorita mocktail

5. Strawberry and lime iced tea

We love this ultra-refreshing strawberry and lime blend all-year-round. Make sure you leave the teabags in for long enough to properly infuse their flavour.

Image of strawberry lime iced tea

6. Clementine crush

The flavour combination of clementine and ginger in this mocktail is enough to get us feeling festive. Plus, a glass provides one of your five-a-day.

Image of clementine crush

7. Watermelon berry ciders

We’ve decorated our individual berry ciders with mini wreaths to add to the festive fun. Free of gluten and dairy and alcohol, they’re an inclusive option for your family parties.

8. Herb smash

Combining juniper berries, peppercorns and coriander seeds, this light and refreshing mocktail tastes just as good as a premium G&T!

9. Berry-cranberry iced tea

Make your favourite brew go further with this berry-infused iced tea recipe. Mixing breakfast tea with cranberry juice might sound unusual, but trust us, it tastes divine.

10. Peach and verbena spritz mocktail

Refreshingly light and peachy, this lovely mocktail recipe from The London Essence Company will be our Christmas morning apéritif of choice.

Now that you’ve got the drinks sorted, have a look at our ideas for healthier Christmas party food.