The Healthy Food Guide team believe that making small diet and lifestyle changes brings the best long-term gains. We look at the science behind the headlines and promote a balanced way of eating.

Find out how our six Get Waisted candidates have been getting on two months into the challenge

Christine Wilkinson
Starting weight: 12st 6lb (79kg)
Current weight: 11st 10lb (74kg) (10lb/5kg loss)
Waist: 38in (96.5cm) (2in loss)

What’s working for me
To help me reduce my red wine intake I pour soda water into a small wine glass and drink this at the beginning of my meal. I may then have a small glass of wine with the rest of my meal. Or not…

What I’m eating now
I’m really enjoying warm fruit and yogurt for breakfast with a sprinkling of pumpkin seeds or flax seeds. I’m also loving porridge made with skimmed milk – my favourite!

I’ve been cooking
We really enjoyed the HFG beef stroganoff, but without the pasta. I ate it with lots of green salad instead.

Christine also made the HFG pumpkin & bean soup this month
Christine also made the HFG pumpkin & bean soup this month

How I’m feeling overall
I recently met up with some friends who had not seen me for a few months. They were so complimentary on how well I looked and how much weight I had lost. I grinned like a Cheshire cat – it was an amazing feeling. And now I need the next size down when trying on new clothes.

Keeping active
I’m still getting out for my walks and if I’ve got errands I walk there and back. Sometimes I even break out into a run to a lamppost and alternate with walking. The local park has lots of steps and I like to do a couple of circuits.


Gary Hunter
Starting weight: 15st 6lb (96kg)
Current weight: 14st 2lb (90kg) (1st 4lb/8kg loss)
Waist: 38in (96cm) (4in/10cm loss)

My favourite meal
The best meal cooked this month was korma. I was pleasantly surprised, as I don’t really eat spicy. I got so into making this I even made the yogurt myself!

My proudest moments
I am proud of my cooking. I have resorted very little to processed or ready meals. I’ve been cooking from scratch and have started building a herbs and space cabinet up. I get a lot of enjoyment actually knowing what is in my meals

The hardest part
It’s been hard to avoid being tempted by other people to overeat . They know I’m taking part in the challenge but I still kept getting the ‘Oh, have some more, it will be fine.’ We always seem to be giving each other permission to eat more.

This month I learned
It’s all down to me. I am what I eat! Other people will try to sabotage what you are doing. It may be down to their own guilt around food, or the lack in motivation they have. I have to do this for me and no one else.


Lisa Woodruff
Starting weight: 14st 11lb (94kg)
Current weight: 14st 4lb (91kg) (7lb/3kg loss)
Waist: 38in (96.5cm) (3in/7.6cm loss)

This month I’ve been cooking
I was inspired by Healthy Food Guide’s soups so my favourite lunch is homemade chicken broth. I cook a whole chicken with onion, celery, carrot, and sweet potato, plus fresh herbs and cook in a casserole filled with stock. We eat the chicken for Sunday lunch and use the remaining stock and vegetables as broth with shredded chicken for my work lunches.

What I’ve found difficult
Maintaining a routine throughout the cold mornings. But my girlfriends have been motivating me, and my lovely instructor Carol has encouraged me so much and helped me get back into the right frame of mind.

What I’m eating now
My favourite meal has been really simple food – just a piece of salmon with greens. I am drinking fruit tea and liquorice tea, which has felt very detoxing!

This month I learned
You need to enjoy life and be healthy to make the most of our time here!


Louise Trenwith
Starting weight: 15st 11lb (100kg)
Current weight: 16st 3lb (102kg) (6lb/2kg gain)
Waist: not taken

My favourite healthy meal
My favourite dinner was Spanish-style chicken casserole cooked in the slow cooker. It’s a perfect dinner for the winter and easy for me to do – plus it leaves my house smelling lovely!

My target next month
Even though I gained weight I’m proud I haven’t bought any treats or goodies. I’m going to work on my willpower and determination to resist temptations.


Sarah Alcock
Starting weight: 12st 12lb (82kg)
Current weight: 12st 10lb (81kg) (2lb/1kg loss)
Waist: 38in (96.5cm) (2in/5cm loss)

How I stayed on track
I did lots of exercise this month, which left me feeling very positive. I only lost 3lb, which didn’t seem much, so my instructor Tracey told me to check my measurements and surprisingly I’d lost 2in from my waist! I’m looking forward to seeing a slimmer me this year.

My favourite healthy meal
I cooked the Mexican pork and bean stew in the slow cooker, which was very easy and really tasty. A lovely meal for the whole family, which even my children enjoyed.


Wendy Moore
Starting weight: 15st 1lb (96kg)
Current weight: 14st 11.5lbs (94kg) (3lb/1.6kg loss)
Waist: 41in (104cm) (2.5in/6cm loss)

Favourite meal I cooked
As I have a sweet tooth I made the nectarine and almond tray bake. It was really easy to make and I liked the sweet sourness of the nectarines. I also made the chicken and leek filo pies. I made it as one large pie, used less cheese and added carrot and swede instead of the sweet potato. It was very filing and something I will make again.

Wend’y nectarine & almond bake

My biggest challenge
Getting started on making healthy food and finding that we have a very limited storecupboard meant buying the right ingredients to make them. I found it difficult to not feel like I had to buy everything at once.

What I’ll do next month
I’ll keep planning my meals and buying the ingredients in advance. Having a meal ready to heat when I’m so busy and time is short stops me snacking on high calorie foods, such as biscuits and crisps.