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 Answer the questions below, making sure you take note of your answers as you go along.

food pairings

1 Which of these plant-based milks contains the most protein?

A Oat milk
B Coconut milk
C Soya milk

2 Which of these grains is suitable for a gluten-free diet?

A Barley
B Buckwheat
C Bulgur wheat

3 Which of these loaves contains the most fibre per slice?

A Sourdough
B Wholemeal
C Granary

4 Which is the healthiest seasoning?

A Garlic
B Himalayan pink salt
C Tamari

5 What’s the best alternative if you want to reduce sugar?

A Honey
B Agave nectar
C Stevia

6 Which of these smoothie additions contains the most antioxidants?

A Activated charcoal
B Turmeric
C Whey protein

7 Which of these oils is best for heart health?

A Rice bran
B Coconut
C Avocado

 8 What’s the best source of vitamin B12 for a vegan diet?

A Spirulina
B Fortified soya milk
C Seaweed

9 Which of these liquids contains the most vitamins and minerals? 

A Bone broth
B Miso soup
C Kale smoothie

 10 Which of these pulses contain the most iron?

A Green lentils
B Chickpeas
C Pinto beans

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