Take a look through the Healthy Food Guide Awards winner’s gallery and find out who the winners are and why they were judged the best in their category

We’ve entered a golden era of healthy eating, a theme that’s now central to so many new product ranges. When you talk to the supermarkets and brands, as we do on a daily basis, they say there’s even more to come, in terms of both new foods and drinks and reformulations that cut sugar or add protein or vitamins.

One change we really approve of is the move away from ‘healthy’ being associated with dieting towards being about having a balanced diet. We’re also seeing the health trends that were marginal a year ago going mainstream. Take vegan. Eating healthy vegan meals now and then is becoming as popular as meat-free or plant-based eating.

It’s been four years since we started the Food and Drink Awards, and we’re hugely encouraged by the activity in the healthy sector. For instance, a couple of years ago, there’d be one or, at most, two almond ‘milk’ drinks. Now there are several brands, plus the supermarket own-labels.

We took a close look at the nutrition labels of all our entries, then tasted them to find the best. Take a look through our winner’s gallery and find out why they were judged the best in their category.

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