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Download our nutritionist’s guide for easy ways to pack a nutritious school lunchbox every day

Research shows that children who take a balanced, nutritious meal to school will find it easier to concentrate. To take the pain out of the prep, I’ve created a filling lunchbox for every day of the week – sure to come home empty!

How to include the essential food groups

Choose 2 servings of these:

1 slice of wholemeal bread
4tbsp cooked pasta or rice
3 small crispbreads

1 handful salad
1 small carrot
5 cherry tomatoes
2tbsp cooked veg such as peas, broccoli, or sweetcorn
Half a pepper (sliced)
1 finger length of cucumber

Choose 1 serving of these:

DAIRY (lower fat varieties)
20-30g reduced fat cheddar
125 – 150g yoghurt
200ml milk

PROTEIN (keep cool for safety)
80g lean cooked chicken
2-3tbsp baked beans, chickpeas or dhal
1 boiled egg
2tbsp cooked prawns
80g can tuna in water
2 slices lean ham or beef

A medium banana
1 wholegrain museli bar
A small wholemeal fruit scone
2 slices fruited tea bread
1 slice malt loaf

Don’t forget to pack the kids with a water bottle too! Staying hydrated is important for maintaining concentration levels.

5 steps to the perfect healthy lunchbox:

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