WINNER: Easy Bean Thai Edamame Curry, £3.79/320g, Ocado, delis, health food stores

What the judges say: A mild, yellow, one-pot curry that’s subtly sweet and creamy, with plenty of edamame beans and broccoli. One portion contains 75% of a woman’s total saturates (from the coconut milk) for the day so make sure your other meals are low in saturates, or share with a friend to spread the load.

Per pot: 310kcal, 22.7g fat, 14.7g saturates, 9.6g sugars. 1.6g salt

Christina Baskerville, Managing Director of Easy Bean says, ‘Receiving an award and recognition for our Easy Bean products is very encouraging to the team especially when they are new products. We believe that food should taste as great as it is healthy and our love of all beans, peas and pulses has inspired us to create delicious and convenient ways to enjoy one of nature’s healthiest foods.’

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