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 Ex-Made In Chelsea star, PETA campaigner, and vegan restaurant owner Lucy Watson, 27, hasn’t looked back since she turned to a completely vegan diet. We caught up with her, following the launch of her second book Feed Me Vegan: For All Occasions, to find out how she stays healthy.  

1. Getting involved in writing

 Before writing my first book, I considered myself a vegan wannabe; I didn’t know the first thing about what to cook or how to cook vegan food. I would find it really hard to put together vegan recipes and I was sure other people were also finding it hard. So, I developed my first book purely as a solution for people starting out. There are lots of shortcuts in the book and there are easy recipes in there too – vegan food doesn’t need to be complicated.

feed me vegan

2. Staying in shape

When it comes to working out, I tend to mix things up and try out different routines so that I don’t get bored. I rarely work out at home as there are so many distractions – my dogs, my cat, my TV – but, if you’re looking for inspiration, I love Steffy’s Yoga on Youtube, her videos are great for workouts.

3. On drinking

In all honestly, I don’t tend to drink very much alcohol. I tried drinking various wines with meals in order to appreciate it more but I wasn’t too fussed about the taste and I don’t like getting into the habit of drinking with meals. It’s much healthier to stick to water or I often make homemade juice and turmeric lattes.

4. My favourite recipe

It is without a doubt my mac n’ cheese recipe. It’s definitely my favourite meal from my first book and was so popular when the book launched. With the second book, people have been a little more experimental and tried lots of different things. My favourite recipe from it is the dumpling stew. I like to take my time when cooking food, it really makes my day.

Lucy loves to cook vegan mac n cheese at home

Mac n cheese

5. Snacking

I tend to avoid snacking but that being said, I do like the new Bulk Powders protein range if I need something after working out. They have new flavours and I can relax knowing that they use healthy ingredients. I try to mix them with smoothie recipes and have them either before or after the gym. They have lots of vegan flavours available in their range.

6. Going from veggie to vegan

It was surprisingly difficult . Dairy has always been a big part of my life; I used to eat cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. That was by far the hardest thing to cut out of my life and I found it particularly tricky because dairy can be found in many foods.

Lucy struggled to cut dairy out of her diet when becoming vegan

Dairy-free milk

7. The upside and downside of veganism

Becoming a vegan has had the best effect on my health, as I now include so many more vegetables in my diet and I am eliminating things that are associated with so many diseases. There are drawbacks in that you might tend to eat the same foods – so long as you aren’t eating bread and pasta every single day then you can avoid doing this. In terms of any negative impacts veganism has had on my life, I was targeted by trolls a lot on social media and that really got me down but I’d never change my mind to be a vegan.

8. My ideal Friday night meal would be

Something fast and comforting. The coconut ramen recipe from my book is really delicious and has a fiery kick to it. It is indulgent and warm and something you just want to cosy up with.

To celebrate Lucy’s latest book launch, she has teamed up with Wren Kitchens to reveal her top three vegan recipes to cook in her kitchen.

Lucy’s new book Feed Me Vegan: For All Occasions is out now and you can discover over 100 of our vegan recipes here.