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Easy ways to get your daily magnesium

FOLLOW OUR EXPERT ADVICE on how to increase your intake of magnesium, an essential nutrient that promotes healthy bones and teeth and helps with energy production.

Who’s missing out?

It’s not a mineral many of us think about, yet 53% of teenage girls, 28% of teenage boys, 16% of all men and 9% of all women have exceptionally low intakes.

Why do we need it?

Magnesium is needed for strong bones and teeth in young children, and helps keep them strong throughout life. It is also involved in energy production, nerve function and muscle relaxation, is important for our psychological wellbeing, helps to regulate the rhythm of the heart and clots blood.

3 quick ways to get your daily dose

Snack on nuts. Nibbling a few walnut halves will help you keep magnesium levels topped up.
Shell out! Do like the French and include magnesium-rich shellfish in your diet.
Graze on grains. When it comes to boosting your magnesium intake, quinoa is your go-to grain.

Where to find it

Wholegrain cereals and bread, brown rice, wholewheat pasta, meat, fish, leafy green vegetables, nuts and seeds.

Boost your intake

  • Eat a varied diet with a mix of the foods listed above.
  • Use wholewheat pasta instead of white – it has twice the amount of magnesium.
  • Do the same for rice – brown has three times more of this mineral than white.
  • Eat wholemeal bread – it has three times more magnesium than white bread.
  • Snack on a few nuts – they’re all rich in magnesium. Chop and add to salads, too.
  • Top salads with a handful of sunflower or pumpkin seeds for added crunch.