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Getting more active needn’t mean losing all your free time. Try these easy ways to keep fit in the office, on the way to work or while watching TV


As a nation, we all need to move more for the sake of our health, but our best intentions are easily thwarted when we’re busy. At times, it can seem hard to fit in 30 minutes a week, let alone on most days.‘The key is to find some easy, clever ways to sneak extra activity into your normal day,’ says celebrity personal trainer Stuart Amory.

‘If all you want to do when you get home is slump on the sofa, you’re better off finding a class that’s on your route home or looking for ways of revving up your commute. If you’re a morning person, think about what you can fit in on your way to work. Then there’s your lunch break – an exercise opportunity just waiting to happen. ‘It’s no secret that our sedentary lifestyles are killing us,’ adds Stuart.‘And if, like many people, you have a desk-bound job, you might feel there’s nothing you can do about it. But there are loads of ways you can get moving – around the clock – and undo some of the damage.’

Decide what time of day suits best – before, during or after work – then follow our tips to transform your daily routine into a tailor-made fitness programme.


How to incorporate exercise into your morning routine

Working out in the morning


Clever ways to exercise while at work

desk exercises


Tips for working out on your lunch break

exercise on your lunch break


How to make the most of evening workouts

Working out in the evenings

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